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Tinta de Calamar - Squid Ink (Large Jar) (SE-112)

Essential for Arroz Negro

All Natural

Price: $34.95
Tinta de Calamar - Squid Ink (Large Jar)


  • All natural
  • Large portion - Enough for about 10 recipes
  • Shelf stable - Refrigerate after opening
  • Ink from cuttlefish (sepia), the finest source
  • Size - 17.6 fluid oz/500 g

Arroz Negro is a black rice dish made in the manner of a paella. Tinta de calamar is the essential ingredient, imparting a rich flavor and dark color to the rice.

Generally used in sauces and pasta as a coloring agent, squid ink can be used to make homemade squid ink pasta or to prepare 'chipirones en su tinta', a classic Spanish dish containing squid cooked in its own ink.

Our squid ink comes from cuttlefish, or sepia in Spanish, which has a smooth, rich flavor and is known for its superior quality. It is superior to the ink of other cephalopods which can be too fishy.

This 17.6 oz jar contains a large amount of squid ink, suitable for cooking large quantities of arroz negro or for use in restaurants. It is shelf stable until opened, and then should be used within a week or two.


Cuttlefish ink, water, salt, and stabilizer: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.

based on 11 reviews

  • Carmen R. Bones - York, PA - Sep 25, 2015  
    "Good,my Black rice is delicious, but I have some concern the Exp.Date was expired. I used any way.."
  • Zenaida Villafania - MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ - Dec 17, 2014  
    "Very good!"
  • Martha Romero - New York, NY - Jun 29, 2014  
    "The best brand that I've tried, always tastes great."
    "great stuff"
  • Frank PORTO - BELTSVILLE, MD - Apr 7, 2013  
    "GREAT. Just what my Sicilian mother-in-law used in making her "ink sauce" "
  • joseph heckel - denver, Colorado - May 21, 2012  
    "Same product used at high end spanish restaurant, result was as good as the restaurant's - high quality product"
  • nino - Dec 16, 2011  
    "i like try this ink "
  • ken kalia - Dec 11, 2011  
    "I made the black rice with the squid ink using your recipe. I served it with grilled shrimp.My family liked it very much."
  • Grover - Aug 12, 2011  
    "Excellent service, packaging, and delivery time. Product is of the highest quality I've found thus far."
  • Billybob - Jul 18, 2011  
    "Excellent quality - used to slow down cancer tumors. I eat it straight."
  • Sam - May 22, 2011  
    "An amazing cancer fighter squid ink is a must have. Not only that, but it adds amazing flavor to food. "

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