2-Piece Blue Tortilla Espanola Pan, Non-stick (CW-32)

For a Perfect Spanish Tortilla

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2-Piece Blue Tortilla Espanola Pan, Non-stick


  • Flip your tortilla with no mess!
  • Interlocking double pan set
  • For Spanish Tortilla Española (potato frittata)
  • Made in Spain
  • Non-stick
  • Size - Pans approximately 9 inches in diameter

The classic Spanish potato tortilla is a signature dish in Spain, and a famous comfort food across the country. Ask anyone from Spain, and she will claim that her mother's tortilla is the tastiest. Served hot off the stove or cold, this egg and potato frittata is popular in tapas bars and homes from Bilbao to Barcelona.

This non-stick tortilla set makes it easy to prepare a perfect tortilla every time. A stainless clasp interlocks the two pans for easy flipping. The bottom pan is slightly wider, so the top pan fits securely. Turning the tortilla is the most difficult part of the recipe, and this clever design makes it easy.

Tortilla literally translates as "little cake" and in Spain this means a tasty savory combination of potatoes and eggs cooked in olive oil. You can add diced Serrano ham, chorizo, onions or other vegetables to add a more dynamic flavor. Spanish tortillas are totally different from the Mexican variety made of corn or flour.

based on 10 reviews

  • Robert Suls - Sparks, MD - Jun 26, 2016  
    "Nice and deep, latch makes fitting the pans together a snap."
  • christina burke-gagnon - manchester, NH - Jun 26, 2016  
    "This pan makes the most pretty tortilla! "
  • Jose Platas - Seal Beach, CA - Mar 7, 2016  
    "Gran calidad de la misma"
  • Diana De Gracia - Lafayette, CA - Nov 1, 2015  
    "Makes a perfect tortilla espanola Love it"
  • Natasha V. - NYC, NY - Oct 11, 2015  
    "I use these pans for everything, & bought both colours. Buy them. You'll barely need any other pans to fry in. La Tienda you always come through as usual. Top Quality. Have great day . Happy cooking. "
  • VARGAS - GLENDALE, NY - Feb 8, 2015  
    "Excellent quality. Frittatas come out really good and in one piece and no more use of the oven to cook the top. Yay!"
  • Michael Kasteleyn - Encinitas, CA - Dec 28, 2014  
    "Muy Bien!"
  • Socorro Collins - Del Mar - Nov 21, 2014  
    "This 2 piece tortilla espanola pan is the best . We are fond of tortilla espanola in my family for many years and this pan makes the cooking so easy. "
  • Roger Leyva - Fort McMurray, AB - Apr 13, 2014  
    "Great gadget to make a Spanish omelet in no time!...really happy we've found it!"
  • Cheryl - Scarborough, ME - Dec 9, 2013  
    "I love these pans. I make a tortilla each week for lunches. For over 10 years my set from here has served me soooo well.. Even survived my house fire because they were in the locked state.."


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