Clasica Hand-blown Glass Cruet (GL-15)

Drip-free Pouring for Oil or Vinegar

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 Clasica Hand-blown Glass Cruet
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • 100% hand-blown glass
  • Designed to prevent dribbles and spills
  • Made in Catalonia
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size - 500 ml capacity

The Clasica cruet is a must have for your own kitchen and a useful birthday, anniversary or wedding gift. Keep your artisan cruet on the counter within arm’s reach for easy cooking and drizzling or on the table to dress salads. This beautiful cruet, made in Catalonia, is both attractive and functional. Enjoy drip-free pouring thanks to the specially designed decanter that prevents messy trickles down the side. The clear hand-blown glass shows off the color of the oil or vinegar within.

The Clasica cruet is the epitome of elegance and is made from 100% hand-blown glass, including the stopper and spout. Artisans carefully craft these pieces using an intricate process. First they blow the molten glass into a mold, then they fire it and delicately form it into the decorative and drip-free shape that it is known for. The tip and body have a taper fit that is vented for a nicely controlled, uninterrupted pour. An added benefit, the all glass design is not only visually harmonious, it is more sanitary since a rubber stopper or cork may be susceptible to bacteria.

Beyond oil and vinegar, the versatile design works well with other condiments. Try serving hot sauces, lemon juice or sesame oil with a nice looking and mess free presentation. The spout, along with just the right sleight of hand, will add an ideal amount of vermouth to finish to the perfect martini.

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