Arcos Professional Knife Sharpener (CY-16)

Diamond Surfaced, Finest Quality

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Arcos Professional Knife Sharpener
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • By Spain's top knife maker
  • Diamond surface for superior sharpening
  • Ideal for sharpening your ham knife

A sharp knife is the key to slicing Spain’s renowned jamón the way it’s best enjoyed, in paper-thin slices that melt in your mouth. If you’ve watched a waiter expertly slice jamón in a tapas bar in Barcelona, you’ve seen a sharp blade in action. This sharpener is an indispensable tool for maintaining a razor-sharp blade.

Arcos has produced knives in Spain since 1745 - over 250 years! This family business was the country’s first knife maker, and remains a premier producer. While we’ve used many jamón knives, theirs are the best. A knife is only as good as it is sharp, so we keep their accompanying sharpener on hand.

This diamond-surfaced sharpening steel will help you preserve a sharp Arcos blade. Arcos knives are made using a patented “Nitrum” forging process for harder stainless steel that holds its edge longer. By using this sharpening steel frequently, you can preserve a knife’s blade and slice jamón with ease!

Without a freshly-sharpened blade, it’s impossible to achieve the meltingly-thin slice that you may dream about after a trip to Spain. This sharpener is the answer to those dreams!


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