Tagine Terra Cotta Cookware (12.5 Inch Diameter) (CA-25)

12.5 Inches Wide - Serves 6

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Tagine Terra Cotta Cookware (12.5 Inch Diameter)
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  • Glazed, thick terra cotta
  • Soak before using
  • Traditional Moroccan cookware
  • Made in Spain
  • Lead-free, food-safe
  • Size - 10.5 in tall x 12.5 in wide

Discover the flavorful tradition of tagine! This classic Moroccan cooking method undoubtedly influenced the culinary traditions of Spain over the 1,000 year mixing of Moorish and Spanish cultures. This delicious, slow cooked meal of meats, vegetables and spices can now be enjoyed in your home.

The secret to the tagine (the cookware and the final dish) is in its special shape. Moisture condenses on its conical lid, dripping back into the ingredients, keeping them perfectly tender and moist. Lamb shanks, chicken or even beef ribs can be slowly cooked until the meat falls off the bone. Spices such as saffron, cumin and cinnamon add the vibrant flavor of northern Africa.

To serve, simply place the tagine on your dinner table, and lift the lid. Your home will be filled with the wonderful aroma of this very special meal.

Seasoning your tagine: Soak your tagine overnight before its first use. Coat lightly with oil and heat in a 300° F oven for an hour or so (do not preheat the oven) and allow it to cool in the oven. Your tagine will change color and pick up a patina with each use. Do not use over direct heat, use a flame tamer or other barrier when cooking on the stove. Unless otherwise directed, use a low burner setting or an oven temperature of no more than 325° F (160° C) - be patient, tagine cooking is a slow process where the flavors meld. Terra cotta cookware should be heated and cooled gradually as sudden changes in temperature could cause it to crack. If your tagine is not used for a long period of time, season your tagine as above before next use.

Handmade in Spain.

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