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Nenuco Splash Cologne (CL-01)

Delicate Enough for Children

Price: $18.95
Nenuco Splash Cologne


  • Freshly scented splash cologne
  • Popular with all ages, delicate enough for children
  • Size - 20 oz/600ml

Nenuco is the clean fresh splash that can be used by the whole family, as after shave or cologne. You will be delighted with its refreshing aroma.

There is nothing more Spanish. Nenuco is used to freshen virtually all the babies of Spain; just as in America most infants have the aroma provide by Johnson & Johnson products.

The fresh lively scent of this citrus-like cologne is so inviting, that many Spaniards splash some on when they go to school and some throughout their lives.

An unsolicited comment from a member of the La Tienda community sums it up:

"I used Nenuco … with my first born. I loved it because he always smelled clean and fresh. I used it with my second child, also a boy, and loved it even more. Then I started using it after my showers. I always get comments on how nice is the smell and how soft."


Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Parfum, Tricedeth--, PEG-5, Ethylhexanoate, citral, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, limonene, linalool, butylphenyl, methylpropional.

based on 21 reviews

  • Nancy Ahern - South Easton, MA - Jul 3, 2016  
    "Light and refreshing body splash. I highly recommend this."
  • Val L. - Naples, FL - Feb 22, 2016  
    "Nice children's cologne with an unisex soft scent"
  • Maria Norva - Portsmouth, Virginia - Mar 15, 2015  
    "This one is thé most especial to me. Thank you for carrying it❤❤❤ "
  • Alexandra Vargas - Upper Saddle River, NJ - Mar 15, 2015  
    "My daughter is a teenager and is still using it. She loves it!! "
  • Nicholas A Adamson - Ontario, California - Jan 19, 2015  
    "I've used this product for over 10 years and still use it on a daily basis. Excellent fragrance!!!!!"
  • Paul Schue - Pembroke Pines, FL - Nov 16, 2014  
    "Very pleasant and refreshing cologne for adults and children"
  • maria luisa faubion - baytown, TX - Jun 16, 2013  
    "Have love it for the last 40 yrs. at lest, maybe longer. Thnks"
  • Povar - New York, New York - Jan 6, 2013  
    "My grandson is addicted to it. "
  • Jennifer - Dec 4, 2011  
    "This product is just how I remember it when I was young. I use it on my children now. "
  • Alison - Jun 26, 2011  
    "This wonderful "agua de colonia" has so many an after-shower cologne, as a any-time refresher, as a linen spritz, and basically, as anything else you can think to use Nenuco as The scent it carries always puts me in a good mood."
  • Karen ~ Pittsburgh - Mar 28, 2011  
    "Love the clean and fresh scent, it's great after a shower!"
  • Maria T.V. - Feb 9, 2011  
    "Love the mild, fresh, feminine scent all day long.Highly recommended even for mature, over 40 women."
  • Christine - Nov 21, 2010  
    "I use this product for me. Amazing scent."
  • kay - Oct 27, 2010  
    "i've been using nenuco cologne since i was in the philippines,way back then this cologne is very popular.i have a friend that works with me from spain so when she went back there, i asked her to bring me back one and she did.she also gave me this web site, now i'm very happy co'z i can order my nenuco anytime from la tienda. thanks for selling them..... my first order came in no time, thanks again la tienda!"
  • shannon - Sep 5, 2010  
    "Love it! Childhood memory I am giving to my little boy now!"
  • Katherine Marek - Aug 18, 2010  
    "I love the smell of Nenuco! It brings back great memories of living in Spain."
  • carina de guzman - Apr 28, 2010  
    "Nenuco is really my favorite cologne,way back years ago.And now my kids are using it also.Thank's to La Tienda,im so happy i able to buy Nenuco from them.Because its hard to find it in stores...That's why i will definitely order to La Tienda again!"
  • Maria Martin - Jan 8, 2010  
    "I am not fond of perfumes but this cologne makes you feel fresh. Also my 8 year old son still uses Nenuco Cologne, it makes him feel "clean and refreshed"."
  • Rizza - Nov 23, 2009  
    "I've used Nenuco since high school and was looking into a store where I can buy from here in the US but couldn't find one. I saw this via Google search and ordered together with Denenes which is my favorite as well. La Tienda service is awesome - fast and secure! I will definitely order from them again!"
  • carmen l perez - Aug 16, 2009  
    "es tremendo producto, lo use en mis hijos cuando pequenos y ahora se lo compro a mis nietos. "
  • Maria A. Morales - Aug 13, 2009  
    "I used Nenuco while I was living in Puerto Rico. Tried it with my first born. I loved it because he always smelled clean and fresh. I used it with my second child, also a boy and loved it even more. Then I started using it after my showers. I always get comments on how nice is the smell and how soft. It is a shame that Nenuco is more known in the Spanish speaking countries than in the USA. I was told by a Philipino that they use it in the Philipines and that he cannot find it in the US. In Puerto Rico one can buy anywhere, even in Walgreens drug Stores, I have tried the Walgreens near my house and the cannot fiend any of the stores in North that carries it. Thank you for having it. Yoou have made me very happy!"

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