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Solomillo Ibérico de Bellota (IC-20)

Free Range Tenderloin, Cured and Smoked - 10 oz

Price: $69.95 Perishable Product
Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
Solomillo Ibérico de Bellota


  • Lean and smoky
  • Free-range, acorn-fed pork
  • A whole cured pork tenderloin
  • Natural casing
  • Made in Spain
  • Size - 10 oz/283.5 gr

Cut this beautifully cured tenderloin in thin slices and you will see deep maroon cured pork, gently marbled with acorn flavored fat that literally melts at room temperature. This solomillo has a firm texture with a nice smokiness, balanced with garlic and black pepper.

Our favorite way to enjoy solomillo is by itself, or with a loaf of fresh, crusty bread. The thin slices will glisten with mono-unsaturated fat, a result of the free-range, acorn-fed lifestyle of the Ibérico de Bellota pork.

Because this is a whole pork tenderloin cured without added fat, it is quite lean. Ibérico pork has a darker color and much fuller flavor than normal pork – the reason we call it “the other red meat!” Unlike most Ibérico de Bellota cured meats, this solomillo is smoked, adding another dimension to its flavor.

Ibérico de Bellota pork comes from the ancient Ibérico breed of pig only found in Spain. Bellota means acorn in Spanish, and refers to the huge amount of sweet acorns that the pigs feast on during the montanera season in the fall. These lucky animals wander the open dehesa rangeland of southwestern Spain in small family groups, sleeping under the stars.

This very special pork is the reason that Ibérico de Bellota hams and sausages are the finest in the world. This solomillo is one of our favorites.

Store your Solomillo Ibérico de Bellota in a cool, dry place. Once opened, consume within a week or two. Wrap carefully to prevent drying out. If mold develops, simply clean with a cloth and vegetable oil.


Acorn-fed Ibérico pork, salt, sugar, water, garlic, black pepper, sodium ascorbate, oregano, sodium nitrate.

based on 5 reviews

  • RICHARD MOELLER - OCALA, FL - Sep 26, 2015  
    "Melts in your mouth!"
  • Pookie - West Chester, Ohio - Jul 12, 2015  
    "Wow - such a great piece of flavorful solomillo. A little goes a long way and our guests couldn't get enough of this wonderful cured meat."
  • ODILE WRIGHT - NICHOLS HILLS, OK - May 25, 2014  
    "Melts in your mouth, excellent flavor !!"
  • Michael CHETEYAN - Leetsdale, PA - Apr 8, 2014  
    "Great product But unfortunately it's too expensive for what is! Thank you Michael "
  • JUNKO CARD - EXETER, CA - Mar 28, 2014  
    "The best I've ever had"

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