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3 Bars of Maja Beauty Soap (SO-02)

Made in Mexico

Price: $25.95
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3 Bars of Maja Beauty Soap
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Enchanting rose and jasmine fragrance
  • Traditional recipe over 100 years old
  • Soap bars are a light green color
  • Size - 3 x 3.5 oz

Maja, with its classic fragrance of rose, jasmine and other flowers is unchanged after 100 years -- it even contains some olive oil as did classic castile soaps of hundreds of years ago.

The family business is now operated by the third generation. Grandfather Esteban Monegal was a well known artist, sculptor and violinist who decided to produce a soap that would be a work of art as were his other creative endeavors. Thus he named the company Myrurgia -- or the art of making myrrh.

He created an elegant red and black wrapping for the smaller cakes of Maja soap that shows a beautiful señorita (or maja) coquettishly fanning herself. The cakes are covered by pleated black paper. Any room in which you place this 100% pure bar of soap will be filled with a mysterious fragrance.

This pack of three 3.5 oz cakes of soap is packed in a handsome box which you can use again for years to come.

(As with most Maja products, these were made in Mexico from the original formula. These bars are light green in color.)


Sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, water, glycerin, fragrance, potassium cocoate, EDTA, wheat germ oil, sodium chloride, green 6, yellow 11, red 17.

based on 9 reviews

  • Marvella Pauls - Hampton, VA - Nov 1, 2015  
    "A luxury that is worth the price."
  • Jeanne Townsend - Annapolis, MD - Jun 1, 2014  
    "A little expensive but my Dad loves this soap so of course it is worth it to give him a great Father's Day present!"
  • Caroline Fonseca - OAKLAND, MD - Apr 8, 2014  
    "I get the soaps for my mother-in-law - she is always delighted."
  • alice - Jul 31, 2011  
    "My favorite since my grandmother gave a bar of Maja soap when I was a child about 50 years ago!"
  • sklou - May 18, 2011  
    "I have a couple of bars that I bought in Spain about 6 years ago and can't bear to use them. I have since ordered some bars that were made in Mexico and they aren't nearly as nice. The Spanish Maja smells sweet where the Mexican Maja has a chemical tinge to it. They are okay, but not true Maja."
  • Bigjim - Feb 28, 2011  
    "I used to buy this in Spain for my wife and she and I both really liked it. (Still do) I have looked, in vain, for years in stores. I am glad to find it at your store. Thans so much. The service is great and the price is fair."
  • Melanie - May 24, 2010  
    "Since my visit to Spain some 30 years ago I have used Maja, but the formula has definitely changed. As the other reviewer said, the scent lingered on your skin and people ALWAYS stopped me to ask what scent I was wearing. Now, it's nothing more than expensive soap. What happened to the old formulation??? Bring it back!!!!!!!! It's no longer old Spain but Mexico!"
  • Sad to say... - Dec 26, 2009  
    "Definitely not the Maja made in Barcelona, Spain. Now a Mexican version, smelling similar to novices of the scent, but only an imitation to those of us who experienced the true Maja from SPAIN!"
  • Iris Pantoja - Jul 14, 2009  
    "I grew up on Maja soaps, made in Spain by Myrurgia.The formula has definitely been altered or skimped upon.I had dry skin so my mother always bought it for me because it also contained olive oil.The scent does not linger as it once did. People always asked what perfume I was wearing and were surprised when I mentioned I was not wearing any.I told everyone I knew about Maja soaps.I really miss the soft lingering fragrance and If you ever washed your hair with it you'll know what it is to wake up the next morning surrounded by that soft scent.. But no one asks what perfume I'm wearing anymore.Maybe upon reading this they'll go back to the old,proud, spanish,tradition of making the best soap on the planet."

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