Sliced Lomo Ibérico de Bellota by Fermín (IC-10)

Exquisite Dry-Cured Ibérico de Bellota Pork Loin

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Sliced Lomo Ibérico de Bellota by Fermín


  • From acorn-fed free-range Iberico pork
  • Thinly sliced and ready to eat
  • Cured in smoked paprika
  • Mountain cured
  • Size - 2 oz/56.6 gr

Lomo Ibérico de Bellota is the ultimate Ibérico sausage. A whole pork loin is seasoned with smoked paprika and sea salt, then cured in a casing for 3 months. The result is a beautiful marbled sausage with a deep red color and wonderful smoky aroma. It has a nutty, smoky flavor and literally begins melts in your mouth as you take the first bite. There is no better cured sausage in the world.

Lomo Ibérico de Bellota is made from pork from free-range Ibérico pigs that feast on rich Spanish acorns, or 'bellotas.' The Ibérico pigs get plenty of exercise roaming the dehesa range-lands where they feast on acorns as well as other natural herbs and grasses.

Sliced Lomo Ibérico de Bellota is cured with sea salt, garlic and pimentón (smoked paprika). It has a full, rich flavor and is usually served on its own at room temperature, possibly with sliced Manchego cheese or membrillo.

This lomo was made using 100% Spanish Ibérico pork and it was cured in the mountains of Spain.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 1oz (28g). Servings per container 2. Calories 140, from fat 110. Total fat 7g (10%), saturated fat 2g (11%), trans fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 27mg (9%), sodium 400mg (16%), total carbohydrates 2g (0%), dietary fiber 0g, sugars 0g, protein 9g. Not a good source of calcium, vitamin A or C, iron 4%. * Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 7 reviews

  • Bill - Annandale, VA - Nov 9, 2014  
    "Excellent and so easy to serve!"
    "Everyone in the family enjoyed it."
  • Kathleen S Gaston - Fleming Island, FL - Apr 6, 2014  
    "This is one of my favorites, always good to have on hand."
  • SARAH CROWE - EAST AURORA, NY - Jun 2, 2013  
    "So lovely!"
  • DAVID ADDIS - MOUNT PLEASANT, SC - May 5, 2013  
    "Best ham in the world."
  • Allyn - Sep 25, 2010  
    "Oh. My. I didn't think anything could come out ahead of the jamon iberico de bellota, but this surpasses even that. Yum! Maravilloso!!"
  • Peter Zahn - Sep 20, 2010  
    " This is a wonderful product indeed. It is also completely different than the Jamon Iberico de Bellota in texture and flavor. This loin, if allowed to dry further, would make exceptional jerky. The Lomo has a coarse texture, easily ripped into slices for eating. It has great mouth appeal for those that favor jerky. It is by no means as dry as jerky though. It has a mild and noticable smokey flavor, along with that comes the earthy acorn as well. Nothing overpowering here, a perfect blend of flavors. The smell of the meat is wondeful, a clear indicator of the pleasure to come with the first bite. Even the most jaded and picky lover of smoked meats will find nothing but praise for this product. It lacks nothing. From the hunter atop a mountain waiting for his moment, to the epicurian out for a midnight snack with wine, this product will surely add to the memory of the moment. The Sliced Lomo Iberico de Bellota easily met all of my expectations."

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