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Sidra from Asturias - Cosecha Propia by Trabanco (BV-27)

D.O.P. Hard Cider from Spain - Alcohol 6% By Volume

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Sidra from Asturias - Cosecha Propia by Trabanco
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  • Hard cider, no carbonation
  • From estate grown Asturian apples
  • Aged in chestnut barrels
  • Tart taste - not a sweet cider
  • Contains alcohol - 6%
  • Size - 700 ml/23.6 oz

Sidra is a refreshing hard cider from the northern region of Asturias. Order a glass in one of the many 'sidrerias' of the area and the bartender will hold a bottle high in the air, pouring a stream of chilled sidra from above his head into a glass by his waist without spilling a drop! This aerates the cider, filling it with a foam of bubbles, after which the glass is quickly emptied!

This non-carbonated cider has been a mainstay in Asturias for thousands of years. It is a somewhat tart traditional cider with no sugar added - this is not sweet sparkling cider! Asturias is a cool mountainous region that traditionally had no local wines, and sidra was the drink of choice. Sidra has a tart-sweet taste with just a touch of sparkle, so a tall pour brings out its best flavor.

The Trabanco family has been fermenting cider for nearly 100 years. This Cosecha Propia style is made from 100% Asturian apples and has earned the D.O.P. for sidra - a standard for the finest, most authentic sidras in Spain. The cider is fermented in huge chestnut barrels until it is ready to bottle. It has a sweeter, fuller flavor than most of the sidras we have tried.

It is important to know that this is not a sweet sparkling cider. It has a delicious, bracing tartness, and it is an authentic favorite for millions of enthusiasts. If you like sweet cider with lots of bubbles, this is not the cider for you! But if you want to try something new, this bracing, bright Trabanco Sidra Cosecha Propia from Asturias is an excellent choice.

based on 4 reviews

  • William Moore - San Francisco, CA - Dec 13, 2015  
    "Este sidra es lo mas autentico de las sidras tipicas en Espana, This is the most authentic Spanish cider. I love its yeasty tartness and the cloudy foam, indicative of bottle conditioned cider. As a home winemaker and brewer, I appreciate artesanal type ciders, although only available seasonally, but worthwhile. Salud!"
  • David Martin - Washington - Mar 3, 2013  
    "First time I've had sidra Asturiana in the States. Lived in Oviedo for two years and sampled a lot of sidra. This is very good and, even though Asturianos say sidra doesn't travel well (more out of pride), this sidra is excellent!"
  • Lee - Honolulu, Hawaii - Jan 14, 2013  
    "We thought it would be sweeter and more bubbly. We could purchase the same thing at local grocery stores. It was not like Sidra we had in the Spanish restaurants. "
  • Melissa - McKinney, Texas - Jan 6, 2013  
    "As delicious as we remember it! So happy to be able to have some in the states!"


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