Artisan Seville Bitter Orange Marmalade (FP-17)

Served to the King & Queen of Spain - Big 12 Ounce Jar

Price: $15.95
Artisan Seville Bitter Orange Marmalade


  • Tart orange flavor
  • All natural
  • Prepared by hand
  • Size - 12.3 oz/350 gr

Our Elasun Seville Orange Marmalade graces the breakfast tables of the King and Queen of Spain at the Royal Palace of the Zarzuela, as well as the home of the Prince and Princess of Asturias.

Our friends Elena Esolano and Asunción Berroy, create this extraordinary handmade product in Barbastro, in the heart of Somotano, Huesca, the magnificent valley at the base of the central Pyrenees Mountains.

They prepare a fresh batch of exquisite Seville bitter orange marmalade by hand using only 100% natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, colorings or additives whatsoever; simply bitter oranges, a touch of sugar and lemon, simmered for twelve hours to produce a truly delicious product with abundant flavor, which they place in a large handsome 12.3 ounce glass jar. What could be better?

The Seville orange is a widely-known, extremely tart orange. It has a thick, dimpled skin and is prized for making marmalade, being higher in pectin than the sweet orange. It is also used in compotes and for orange-flavored liqueurs.

For years I have been enjoying fine marmalades from Scotland, England, and France. Nevertheless, is it not appropriate to get authentic orange marmalade from Spain where the Sevilla orange trees bear fruit?


Oranges, sugar and lemon.

based on 13 reviews

  • Diana Hetyei - Hamburg, NJ - Jan 3, 2016  
    " I bought as a gift for someone so I can not say too much except it was packaged nicely."
  • Richard Mullins - Sagle, ID - Sep 27, 2015  
    "what can I say, tasty, tasty, tasty."
  • MICHAEL OLSA - SANTA ROSA, CA - Mar 22, 2015  
    "I made homemade English Muffins to enjoy this exceptional marmalade. What a treat. My only complaint is that the jar is almost empty."
  • Yolanda de Vicente - Valley Cottage, NY - Mar 8, 2015  
    "Very good"
  • Phoebe - Columbus, OH - Feb 13, 2015  
    "Superbly rich taste, just "bitter" enough, and goes marvelously with a sharp cheese and some crackers or an English muffin."
  • CAROLYN ZUCKER - LOS ANGELES, CA - Dec 26, 2014  
    "Flavorful and delicious! Not overly sweet like so many marmalades. Sabor es fantastico!"
  • JohnMichael Darcey - West Hartford, CT - Jul 2, 2014  
  • Yoko - Eagle River - Apr 6, 2014  
    "Great with bread or cheese. A little bitter for my taste but nice if you are expecting that."
  • Christian - Boston, MA - May 30, 2013  
    "I have long sought a marmalade bitter enough to please a friend who adores marmalade with a bite. This Is IT! She raves about it -- paradise found!"
  • ann walker - EVERETT, WA - Apr 15, 2013  
    "Bought this for a gift after visiting Spain. Fabulous!"
  • Patricia Hempey - Kapaa, HI - Mar 10, 2013  
    "Yes, bitter; a bit too bitter for my taste."
  • pat - pottstown, Pennsylvania - Jan 18, 2013  
    "you should want a real bite from your marmalade"
  • Irene Metzger - Urbana, , Illinois - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Everything I've ever ordered from la Tienda has been a winner and just as described."

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