2 Packages of Frozen Authentic Paella de Marisco from Valencia (PA-21-2)

Easy, Just Add Water and Rice - A Great Paella in 30 Minutes!

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This item is packed cold for freshness with dry ice and an insulating cooler. Overnight shipping is required.
2 Packages of Frozen Authentic Paella de Marisco from Valencia


  • Two paellas, each serving 2 to 4
  • With cigalas, shrimp and mussels
  • Made in Valencia
  • Ready in 30 minutes
  • Prepare in a 10 or 13 inch pan
  • Size - 2 Packages x 11.4oz - Each Makes Paella for 2 to 4

For years we have looked for a way to offer great prepared paella. Finally we discovered this delicious paella from Valencia, the birthplace of the famous Spanish rice dish. Each package contains an authentic, flavorful broth, along with local Valencian seafood, frozen at the peak of freshness. The key is that the seafood is not pre-cooked and is tender and fresh when you serve your paella. We have prepared this paella many times, and it always comes out great.

After tasting many frozen and canned versions and talking with experts on paella, we discovered that pre-cooked paella is just not the same after being packaged – specifically, the rice breaks down, losing its texture. Our friends at Macuina (‘my kitchen’ in the Valencian dialect) have found the great solution. They provide an flavorful broth and fresh frozen seafood to make cooking authentic paella easy. All you need to do is heat some water and add paella rice, and you will have typical Valencian paella in just a half an hour.

If the broth adds the great Valencian flavor, the seafood is the crowning touch. Large, fresh cigalas (small lobsters), mussels and gambas (sweet shrimp) are frozen fresh from the sea, not cooked ahead of time. When you add them to your paella, they cook in the broth, and come out tender and delicious.

Be sure to use real paella rice for best results. This short grained rice absorbs the broth without becoming soft or mushy. Long grained rice will not absorb much liquid and other short grained rice tends to get too sticky.

This paella is best prepared in a 10 inch paella pan on the stove. The recipe works fine in pans up to 13 inches wide. We find that there is plenty of leftover paella if you serve two people.


Squid rings, shrimp, mussels, Norway lobster, olive oil, pomace oil, onion, red pepper, garlic, tomatoes, parsley, salt, spices, saffron and natural seafood extract.‚Äč

based on 7 reviews

  • ROBERT KLAMMER - UNION, NJ - Dec 28, 2014  
    "this paella is absolutely outstanding I prepare this by adding chorizo clams and mussels and serve with a bottle of wine--my guests feel they are in spain with every bite"
  • Susan Holmes - Wilmington, DE - Feb 19, 2013  
    "My nephew couldn't stop raving about the quality of the seafood in your Paella. It was so easy to make and a big hit."
  • Carol S. - CAMDEN, New Jersey - Dec 18, 2012  
    "A successful adventure in cooking paella for the very first time. Happy for this two portion package. The seafood did indeed taste fresh and pure."
  • Jose - Fairfield, Connecticut - Jul 28, 2012  
    "Absolute best... 17 years looking for decent paella in USA and finally found it"
  • Lucy - Mar 11, 2012  
    "Outstanding and easy! As good as what we have had in some restaurants. One pack made four generous servings ."
  • Thomas Ryan Nelson - Sep 7, 2011  
    "One of the very, very best. Thank you, La Tienda."
  • Maria Huntsman - Sep 2, 2011  
    "Esta super rico!!! Lo unico malo es que hay que esperar a que se cocine ha ha ha."


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