Fresh Padrón Peppers - Pimientos de Padrón by Peregrino (1 Pound) (VG-08)

'Spanish Roulette!' -The NY Times - Season Starts in July

All Natural

Price: $17.95 Perishable Product
Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
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Fresh Padrón Peppers - Pimientos de Padrón by Peregrino (1 Pound)
Out Of Season Email me when available


  • "Spanish Roulette!" -The NY Times
  • Classic tapa of Galicia
  • Some are hot, and some are not!
  • Grown from true Padrón pepper seeds from Spain
  • Size - 1 pound (about 50 peppers)

Pimientos de Padrón are amazingly tasty, tiny fresh peppers originally from Galicia in northwest Spain. Sizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, they have a delicious flavor and most are mild. But once in a while you will bite into a spicy pepper - the reason The New York Times coined them "Spanish Roulette!"

NOTE: Padrón peppers are only available during the summer when they are in season. Please click the "Email me when available" link above to be notified when they are back in stock. Thanks!

People flock to tapas bars across Galicia to savor a plateful of these unique peppers lightly seared in olive oil, and then sprinkled with sea salt. Their fame has spread throughout the rest of Spain – and now across America!

What makes these little Padrón peppers unique is that randomly you will pop a spicy one in your mouth! Since there is no way to distinguish the spicy one from the rest, which are sweet, you never know when you will get a surprise. In Galicia they have a saying: "Los pimientos de Padrón, unos pican y otros no," basically translated as "Some are hot and some are not." A writer from The New York Times calls the experience "Spanish Roulette!"

We are thrilled to offer fresh Pimientos de Padrón peppers grown from Spanish seeds and harvested by a family farmer in the United States. Every couple of days during the growing season (July through October approximately), our farmer hand-picks these small, crisp peppers. Following the tradition of the farmers of the village of Padrón, he selects only the small young peppers so most are mild. The following morning we receive these fresh peppers and send them on to you!

Padrón peppers are available in late summer, from July to October.

based on 43 reviews

  • Jane A Mentzer - Northbrook, IL - Oct 12, 2015  
    "The peppers were so fresh and we cooked them as we had them in Spain, blistered and with sea salt! What a treat!!!"
  • Richard Mullins - Sagle, ID - Sep 27, 2015  
    "I always look forward when their season comes up. Love the Russian roulette aspect as far as when you bite down and get a really spicy one."
  • Paula Burns - Philadelphia, PA - Sep 25, 2015  
    "Well worth the seasonal rate"
  • Jo Ann Rademacher - Sugar Hill, GA - Sep 25, 2015  
    "Every thing I expected and fast service, too."
  • Ana Alonso - Boston, MA - Aug 9, 2015  
    "Great!!! they transported me to my parents home in my town, La Guardia, Pontevedra."
  • Gary Barnard - Queensbury, NY - Oct 19, 2014  
    "Arrived in good condition. Great taste!"
  • William Powell - Washington, NJ - Oct 17, 2014  
    "After a recent trip to Madrid I knew I had to find these peppers in the states. Great product!"
  • Joy - Madison, AL - Aug 30, 2013  
    "Prepared as suggested by La Tienda and such a treat. I finally got a hot pepper but fun and tasty. Thank you for providing us with this item. Look forward to them next year again. "
  • Charles - Modesto, California - Jan 7, 2013  
    "Yummm!!! Too bad they aren't available thoughout the year."
  • Manuel - New York, New York - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Difficult to find in NY. So glad they are available at La Tienda!"
  • BillG - Portland, Oregon - Aug 30, 2012  
    "Great experience with Padrons. Olive Oil & sea salt, few minutes in a hot pan. Sooo good. Will do again!"
  • Lynne OConnor - Nov 6, 2011  
    "These peppers were fantastic! I will order them again and look forward to serving them at my next dinner party"
  • Padron Grower - Oct 28, 2011  
    "As a grower of the padrons, customers need to realize two realities. When we have a hot summer the peppers will be hotter. The larger the pepper the hotter the pepper. Ideally, the pepper should be picked while still small, picked daily, and be aware of peak heat in the summer. Hope this helps."
  • CUBANA "SIEMPRE" - Sep 25, 2011  
    "My order was an gift to an friend, they confirmed the quality was GREAT! I'm now, ready, to experience such GREAT quality, with my personal future order, of your products!Can't wait, to comment on my future order, until then, continue with your success, in providing QUALITY PRODUCTS, to US/YOUR CUSTOMERS!"
  • ACSF - Jul 25, 2011  
    "very fresh"
  • Pablo - Nov 17, 2010  
    "I just came from spain and these peppers tasted very good. Quite comparable. 4 stars because they were small and some of them were little bit hot. Probably because is the end of the season.... "
  • Trish (Montana) - Nov 16, 2010  
    "Got my package yesterday when I got home from work. Made a some Padron peppers for dinner. My husband thought they were great. I am glad I order more then 1 lb. "
  • Linda - Nov 7, 2010  
    "You can't eat the seeds or else, very hot!"
  • Donna - Oct 19, 2010  
    "What a fun treat! These arrived in such a fresh state of yumminess, that I almost hated to saute them...but I sure am glad that I did. The aroma of roasted peppers permeated the house, creating a teaser of what was to come! The flavor was sublime. The mild ones were sweet and the hot ones made my teeth tingle! Thanks for a great product, LaTienda. PS - my meal consisted of these peppers, Galician bread, Manchego cheese, Txakoli wine, and your chocolate fig Rabitos. I was in Spanish Heaven!"
  • Nut - Oct 10, 2010  
    "This site piqued my interest since I am a HUGE FAN of Spanish paprika and Spanish dishes.... I ordered these PADRON Peppers (fresh) because I really like all sort of peppers from mild to hot (not TOO HOT please). they arrived at my home in Wisconsin in styrofoam and freeze-bags along with some spanish cheese... they were looking REAL GOOD! On the lid of the PKG was a simple recipe: Fry in olive oil, add salt... enjoy. THESE ARE VERY TASTY PEPPERS and the QUALITY i recieved were EXCELLENT! Thanks! I already have a recipe in mind for these..... "
  • Linda - Oct 7, 2010  
    "10/7/2010 I just received and cooked these peppers today. Not only do they smell spicy hot when fresh but they are very spicy compared to earlier this season. Still tasty though!"
  • nochef - Oct 4, 2010  
    "End of season - peppers were pretty small, but very tasty. Had several hot ones. Will definitely order more during peak season."
  • Logan - Sep 26, 2010  
    "Fantastic peppers. Great sauteed in a little olive oil and rock salt. Seems like the later in the season you order them the higher percentage of hot ones you get."
  • Vexvet - Sep 25, 2010  
    "OMG...addicting! Yes...these simple little peppers were the hit of the christening party! And yes...they are mild, until you hit that HOT, FIERY, CHOKING one! And in the two boxes we had, there were only about 5-6 hot ones...will order again...need my Padron fix!"
  • Rick Skinner - Sep 4, 2010  
    "Padron peppers are bites of Spain, expressing the best of the country's simplicity when it comes to food: pure, fresh ingredients, cooked quickly with only oil and salt, and flavor that compels you to eat another one and another one and . . . ."
  • Carol - Sep 3, 2010  
    "Great as we expected - perfect peppers 1 in 10 were hot! "
  • Ron - Aug 29, 2010  
    "FRESH and crisp!!! Not a single little one was soggy. The obvious initial quality of the peppers and the attention paid to maintaining the integrity of this highly perishable product during delivery is impressive and paid off for my taste buds. Yes, I was surprised. And grateful. "
  • Aitch - Aug 19, 2010  
    "Received these yesterday. Well packaged in a Styrofoam cooler with a sealed ice pack. They arrived in excellent shape looking totally unstressed. Rinsed and dried them, heated some olive oil in a black iron skillet and cooked them until they were browned and blistered. Plated them and ate every one. I ordered another pound for my brother. I loved them! "
  • Cari - Aug 18, 2010  
    "Just like what I had in Galicia!!! YEH!"
  • J Marble - Aug 12, 2010  
    "Fun and delicious...Spanish roulette indeed! There were only about 4 hot ones in our lot and we love them as an appetizer. "
  • lori - Oct 13, 2009  
    "These peppers are truly addicting! Received my first order recently and cooked some as suggested in olive oil and salt...couldn't stop eating them. The flavor is rich and vegetal with just a hint of heat...a perfect combination. "
  • Rhonda - Oct 13, 2009  
    "Great tapa -- we loved them! This year we didn't get a single hot pepper in the batch which was disappointing . . . but they were delicious nevertheless."
  • Scott - Oct 2, 2009  
    "Brought back fond memories of the cafes in Barcelona. "
  • Courtney - Oct 1, 2009  
    "I was actually very disappointed in the peppers. I've had them before and know how delicious they can be, but when I tasted the padron perppers I received, they were uncharacteristically bitter. I'm not sure if they were just not fresh, but sadly, I ended up throwing out both containers."
  • Victoria - Sep 13, 2009  
    "Fell in love with these peppers in May while in Madrid. Was very excited when I found they could be ordered because I couldn't find them in the states, but was somewhat dissappointed when they arrived. Very small and slightly wilted. The flavor was very good but I felt for $30 a pound with shipping, could have been better. :/"
  • Maureen - Sep 7, 2009  
    "I agree with Nancy. Need to be larger. We have not had any hot peppers. They have all been sweet. We do love them regardless. "
  • Jane - Sep 6, 2009  
    "Had them for the first time in Madrid, totally worth buying them at La Tienda and getting them shipped to your home. They arrived fresh. Very easy to make, La Tienda supplies instructions. Very authentic!"
  • Chef Oxen - Aug 31, 2009  
    "I was in Spain on a mission trip for 2 weeks and we were introduced to these peppers the 1st night in our albergue on the Camino de Santiago. It was our favorite side and I was so excited to see that I was able to have them at home in Ohio too. Excelent pepper, incredible taste and exciting to eat with a group because you never know who's getting the hot ones."
  • petrany - Aug 21, 2009  
  • Jack P. - Aug 4, 2009  
    "My Padron peppers arrived the other day. I fried them in olive oil and sprinkled with light salt and freshly ground pepper. Absolutely delicious and worth the price !!!! Wish we had more at the time of eating them !!"
  • Nancy - Aug 4, 2009  
    "The Pimientos were delicious. My husband is from Galicia and we love Padron pimientos. I will order again. One suggestion - pimientos should be picked when a little larger."
  • Holly - Aug 4, 2009  
    "I thought OK, these peppers can't possibly equal the hype generated by the folks at La Tienda. However, thought I would try them. OMG, they are fantastic - sweet (most of them) and, oh so tender with great flavor. I'm back to order another 4 lbs. I was happy to read on line that a woman froze some and they were still wonderful. I plan on doing the same....who wants to wait til next year for such a treat !"
  • Charmin Hill - Mar 7, 2009  
    "Wonderful! I found that I couldn't eat them fast enough so I put them in freezer bags and froze them. When I wanted some I pulled a handful out, let them thaw and cooked them.....Delicious!"


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