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Spanish Olive Wood Cutting Board with Handle (OW-04)

Solid Wood - Handmade

Price: $58.95
Spanish Olive Wood Cutting Board with Handle


  • Authentic Spanish aged olive wood
  • Carved by skilled artisans
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • From the Island of Mallorca
  • Size - 12 inches long with 2.5 inch handle

This handsome cutting board is carved from one block of aged Spanish olive wood. Its grained wood surface is attractive - and the smooth hard natural surface is a perfect for protecting sharp knives. The only care it needs is to be wiped with sunflower oil, or another neutral oil now and then.

The handle, carved from the same piece of wood, makes the cutting board easy to use. It is as practical as it is elegant. It is 12 inches long, with a 2 1/2 inch handle.

Since ancient times olive wood has been one of the most prized mediums for carving; when fashioned by an artisan this hardwood provides a smooth, silky finish.

Our artisans select just the right block of aged olive wood. The block selected must be absolutely flawless - with no chance of cracking. They never cut corners by using laminates, which are prone to splitting.

They fashion the aged olive wood board by cutting, turning and sanding the ancient wood. The final product is set aside for at least two months so that the wood in the hand fashioned product is completely dry. Finally they apply a natural sunflower coating.

Wash by hand, coat lightly with neutral food-safe oil, like sunflower oil, between uses.

based on 2 reviews

  • Jan Dahlen - Bloomingdale, NY - Jan 4, 2015  
    "Beautiful board, sturdy and finished very nicely!"
  • April - Sierra Vista, Arizona - Jan 18, 2013  
    "I love my Olive Wood cutting board. Just after Christmas I was watching a program (HGTV) and the topic was kitchen cutlery. He made the statement that if you have sharp knives and want to keep them that way you should be using a wooden carving surface. Well, I had just invested in a 'good' set of knives, so I went online and found LaTienda and read all of the specifications for their carving boards made from a solid piece of olive wood. I purchased it and am simply in love with using it. I prepare my meals using fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables and it is just perfect!!"

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