5 Packages of Palacios Mild Chorizo from Spain (CZ-28)

Imported from Spain - All Natural

All Natural

Price: $44.95
5 Packages of Palacios Mild Chorizo from Spain


  • USDA inspected
  • All natural, no nitrates or nitrites added!
  • Dry-cured, no refrigeration required
  • Distinct smoky flavor
  • Size - 5 x 7.9 oz/240g (2.5 pounds)

Palacios was the first authentic Spanish chorizo available in the United States. Most other chorizos, good as they are, are made in the USA with Spanish ingredients.

Palacios mild chorizo is made from a generations-old recipe by a family owned company in La Rioja. This 5-pack gives you plenty of mild delicious pork sausage for a party or family gathering. It is seasoned with pimentón dulce (sweet smoked Spanish paprika). It is a mild blend of the distinctive smoked paprika, pimentón de la Vera, which sets Spanish chorizo apart from sausages of any other country. These Palacios chorizos are all natural, fully dry-cured and ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine, or even just a chunk of crusty bread. About 1 inch thick.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 1 oz (28g). Servings per container varied. Calories 140, from fat 108, Total fat 12g (18%), saturated fat 4g (20%), cholesterol 20mg (7%), sodium 340mg (14%), Total carbohydrates 0g, Protein 7g. Vitamin A and C 0%, calcium 2%, iron 6%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 13 reviews

  • Cecilia Oetgen - Arlington, VA - May 17, 2015  
    "Good quality. Good price!"
  • Mark Villanueva - Bristol, PA - Feb 15, 2015  
    "Haven't been to Spain in 30 years. It was like being home again. The taste I remember!"
  • PHILLIP C COLUMBIA - Pewee Valley, KY - Nov 18, 2014  
    "Terrific flavor high quality cured sausage! Rustic ground so expect some chew but worth every cent :)"
  • Amalia Estrella - Richmond, British Columbia - Jun 29, 2014  
    "I stock up on them all the time, I feel inadequate without them in my stock."
  • Maria Milburn - Colorado Springs, CO - Mar 24, 2013  
    "These are really good for slicing up and eating. Not the best chorizo I have ever had but still really good."
  • Jorge - Oakland, California - Jan 10, 2013  
    "These chorizos are very good. There were a couple in the "sampler" that tasted even better. Good product!!"
  • Annie - Toronto, Ontario - Jan 6, 2013  
    "We found what we have been looking for after moving to Canada. This is a new family favorite and will definitely re-order. Thanks."
  • Maria L. Galarza - Pittsburg, California - Jan 6, 2013  
    "I love spanish chorizos. All of them!"
  • Kady & Eduardo de la Roz - Terra Bella, California - Jan 6, 2013  
    "We always keep these in the house to serve as tapas when friends & family come around. They're great with our sidra casera!"
  • Diego - Lethbridge, Alberta - Aug 13, 2012  
    "Exceptional flavour!!"
  • Noris - Dec 11, 2011  
    "Delicious! I completely forgot the flavor of Sausages from Spain. We love the Palacios chorizos. We highly recommend them! The taste is delicious."
  • Deborah Wells - Dec 1, 2010  
    "I order a large quantity of this because I want to use it in everything. It is so good"
  • Paul Mack - Nov 16, 2010  
    "True Spanish style chorizo - great"

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