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Jamón Serrano Shank with Bone by Peregrino (JM-119)

Season Meals with Spanish Ham - About 1.5 Pounds

Price: $14.95 Perishable Product
Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
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Jamón Serrano Shank with Bone by Peregrino
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Add a taste of Spain to stews, soups and more
  • Keeps fresh refrigerated for several weeks
  • Freshly cut at our facility
  • USDA inspected
  • Size - Approx. 1.5 lbs/24 oz

Serrano shanks are a flavorful addition to soups, stews, bean-based dishes and more. Add some flair to your favorite meals with this taste-filled end piece — which still has quite a bit of cured ham to trim and add to your cuisine.

You can slice off thin slices of jamón and pair with cheese and wine for a tasty treat while you use the remaining shank to add flavor to your slow-cooked recipes. Housing some of the most flavorful meat of the ham, this end piece is comprised of fat, pork and bone and is a welcomed ingredient for Spanish dishes and other savory fare.

Carved from the well-known Jamón Serrano, this bone carries the delicious flavor of one of Spain’s most popular hams. Jamón Serrano is a staple in countless Spanish dishes and a must-have in family kitchens and restaurants across the county. The curing process is still carried out the traditional way, dating back thousands of years. Discernible by its firmer texture and deeper flavor than other cured hams, the Serrano ham is dry cured in the mountains for over 18 months. In fact, appropriately enough, Serrano ham literally means 'mountain ham.'

Cut in our USDA-inspected facility, we expertly package these Serrano shanks every week and ship them to your door, ensuring ultimate freshness.


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