Ibérico Cured Meats Sampler (SA-19)

Savor Three Ibérico Meats

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Ibérico Cured Meats Sampler
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  • The world's finest cured meats - Ibérico!
  • Acorn-fed, free-range Ibérico de Bellota
  • Ibérico de Bellota salchichón sausage
  • Ibérico longaniza sausage

Revel in the world-class flavors of Ibérico cured meats with this magnificent trio. Silky slices of acorn-fed Ibérico de Bellota takes center stage, while dry-cured Ibérico longaniza sausage and Ibérico de Bellota salchichón sausage add a delicious variety of flavors. With just one taste, you’ll appreciate the splendor of Ibérico pork.

Ibérico ham is the most prized in the world, and with good reason. Taste one silky slice of renowned Jamón Ibérico de Bellota and you’ll understand why this rich and nutty cured meat inspires such devotion.

Ibérico de Bellota comes from cured free-range Ibérico pigs who graze on acorns in the oak forests of southwestern Spain. This rich diet and hardy environment results in spectacularly flavorful and complex meat. After curing in the mountains for over two years, the best hams are sent to us. We slice them ever so thinly, for you to enjoy the slightly sweet, umami-esque flavor of each deep red bite.

This selection includes dry-cured Ibérico de Bellota salchichón sausage. Seasoned with black peppercorns, this delicious sausage is made with acorn-fed pork from special Ibérico pigs and aged for over two months. The resulting salchichón is packed with complex flavors.

We included a third version of the Ibérico cured meat, longaniza sausage. This dry-cured sausage is seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika, for a savory meat that is perfect with a glass of dry red wine.

A bite of cured Ibérico pork is a matchless event. It’s hard to imagine meat could taste this good, making it the ultimate dish to surprise lucky guests or give to close friends.

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: Ibérico Longaniza Sausage - 7 oz, Sliced Ibérico de Bellota - 3 oz and Ibérico Salchichón Sausage - 10 oz.

We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.

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  • Paula Knighten - Alhambra, CA - Dec 21, 2015  
    "Products were great, though very disappointed with the quantity. Not feeling I am getting enough for my dollars spent."


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