Glass Porrón Wine Pitcher (GL-01)

Hand-blown Recycled Glass

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Glass Porrón Wine Pitcher
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  • In Bon Appetit's Gifts for Foodies on the Today Show
  • Pours a thin stream of wine
  • Hand-blown recycled glass - Comes with a cork
  • Fun at a party!
  • Great gift idea - recommended by Chef Michael Chiarello
  • Size - 1 Liter/34 oz

The porrón wine pitcher is a festive way to serve wine or sangria. Just pick up the porrón and tilt it so that a thin stream of wine pours directly into your mouth! It takes some skill, but it is fun at a party to see how well you and your friends master the technique. Each porrón holds 1 liter, well over a bottle of wine.

Porrones are famous throughout Spain although probably the design originated in Catalunia in place of wine-skins. They were originally made from ceramic, but now are fashioned from hand-blown recycled glass.

Customers have come up with other creative uses, such as using it to serve sangria or margaritas.

From November 2013 Conde Nast Traveler "Stop Buying Fruitcakes. These Culinary Experts Have the Best Foodie Gift Ideas" Chef Michael Chiarello of Bottega, Napa Valley writes: "I'm trying to keep things Spanish this year, so I plan to give handblown glass porrons from La Tienda. They're made of recycled glass and a great gift for anyone who enjoys wine."

based on 42 reviews

  • Mark V - Fairfax, VA - Apr 3, 2016  
    "Looks and works great! My future father in law likes it."
  • Mark Nelson - Felton, PA - Jan 17, 2016  
    "Great fun! "
  • Mary Cesaro - Smithfield, RI - Jan 10, 2016  
    "Exactly as described."
  • Johanna Freeman - Sarasota, FL - Jan 10, 2016  
    "I use this for olive oil! It's a great way to control amount and direction, plus it's a neat bottle!"
  • Barbara Hansen - Fort Collins, CO - Jan 10, 2016  
    "Saw this on the Today Show and just had to have one! It is a unique conversation piece."
  • B Holly - Sacramento, CA - Jan 6, 2016  
    "Shipped in excellent condition. Practice pouring it with water first."
  • Derek Bauer - Olathe, KS - Jan 3, 2016  
    "Reminded me of home"
  • Douglas Haskell - Cincinnati, OH - Jan 3, 2016  
    "Very nice."
  • JON WHEAT - KEARNEY, NE - Jan 3, 2016  
    "terrific value"
  • Foodie 0211 - North Bethesda, MD - Dec 27, 2015  
    "I bought this as a gift for a party-loving friend; it's perfect!"
  • ana bustamante - deltona, FL - Jun 28, 2015  
    "Good product"
  • Patricia WILLIAMS - Gilbert, AZ - May 5, 2015  
    "Love it"
  • roberto valdes - san diego, California - May 3, 2015  
    "Great time with product!! Made the party very alive!!"
  • STEVE CORTINAS - EAGAN, MN - Apr 13, 2015  
    "Haven't had a chance to use yet but anticipate will be fine. "
  • Michael Geroux - Greensburg, PA - Mar 15, 2015  
    "Love these...great ice breaker for a party!! Made very well. Nice they're from recycled glass!"
  • SUSAN HAMILTON - HAMILTON, ON - Feb 25, 2015  
    "We love it! It arrived fast and found it quite economical!"
  • Tim PETER - Nebraska City, NE - Jan 18, 2015  
    "Everything I expected. Ordered 4 total and gave the other 3 as gifts and everyone loves the challenge of learning how to drink from it."
    "Love this! Well made. I bought one for a gift and one for myself. Makes a great conversation piece."
  • YOLANDA MEZA - VISTA, CA - Dec 21, 2014  
    "ok product"
  • Andrew Batten - Melbourne, FL - Dec 14, 2014  
    "Very handsome pitcher, and the price was unbeatable. Can't wait to give it to my wife for Christmas. Thanks!"
  • Roy Churchill - Port Huron, MI - Nov 30, 2014  
    "Very unusual decanter that everyone likes to use. Hold your glass over the spout as wine flows quickly when you tip it."
  • Patricia H. Dudley - Baltimore, MD - Nov 2, 2014  
    "Great gift!"
  • Jared Purcell - Charleston, SC - Jul 30, 2014  
    "Lots of fun to use. Bring it and a bottle of wine to a party and set the pace. "
  • JONI BECK - MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Jul 27, 2014  
    "Great product and quick delivery!"
    "much nicer than th one my father bought in Spain many years ago."
  • David Palmer - McAllen, TX - Jun 14, 2014  
    "This thing was SOOOOOO fun!!! It arrived just before our son did from Seattle, and we did "Spain Night" with some great Spanish wine and tapas, and everyone tried the porrón... it really MADE the night!!! Love it!!!"
  • Lauren Michelle - Albuquerque, NM - Dec 25, 2013  
    "My husband and I received this for Christmas from my in-laws. We practiced with water first so as not to douse our kitchen in wine. It was so much fun to use! We invited my mother and father-in-law back over to experience it with us. The wine that came in the package with it was delicious and the porrón was so much fun to use! I can't wait for the next party we throw as I am sure this will be a fantastic ice breaker."
  • Maria CALLEJA LUNCHE - Ventura, CA - Mar 19, 2013  
    "We love it!"
    "I searched and for the best price on one and found it here! Although I missed the sale on it for $18.00 by an hour :( .....I really love it! It came packaged very well & we plan on using it for a 40th Birthday party! "
  • JEREMY FINKELSTEIN - New York, NY - Feb 19, 2013  
    "Has a shade of green, not clear glass as it looks in the picture, but still worth it."
  • Joanne OConnell - Park City, Utah - Jan 6, 2013  
    "GREAT product, GREAT price!"
  • Orlando - Jan 2, 2012  
    "Everything was perfect "
  • Nancy - Dec 26, 2011  
    "The Perron is a festive and beautiful way to celebrate any good Spanish wine. I bought two of these as gifts and they were well received! "
  • Jb - Sep 24, 2011  
    "Exactly what I was looking for! I too saw it on Anthony Bourdain's television show & definitely had to make the purchase. Quick shipping & great packaging! Thanks!!"
  • Glorp719 - Jul 24, 2011  
    "It looks like what we were expecting. Price was about 1/2 what other sites on the 'Net were asking, so quality compared to price is excellent. We plan to enjoy using it!"
  • Marijean - May 23, 2011  
    "I have one the is 1/2 the size of the one I purchased from you. I wish you would carry that size. The reason I bought your was to replace mine. Which I broke the tip of. If you can find the smaller size I would buy one. I have been using it for years as an olive oil pourer. Its perfect as the drizzel comes out just right. Please find the smaller size. Thank you, Marijean"
  • Glen - May 15, 2011  
    "I purchased this for my Calcotada party. Everyone had fun trying drink from it and had lot's of laughs. A great conversation piece that brings the group together. Everyone should own a porron!!!"
  • slprcg - Apr 3, 2011  
    "A wonderful way to share wine with friends! I would recommend going online and watching some Youtube videos on how to use this the correct way!"
  • m.v. - Nov 19, 2010  
    "super packaging and on time delivery. The Porron is exactly what I expected at this price.So this was a very smooth ordering process. Allegria!"
  • Erin - Oct 28, 2010  
    "I have been looking for this Porron ever since i saw Anthony Bourdan use when he was in Spain! I just got it in today and i can't wait to invite people over to use this!! So excited♥"
  • Helik & Diane - Sep 21, 2010  
    "We have been looking for a porron pitcher for a party we are having in October. After searching the web, we stumbled upon La Tienda. The pitcher is a great value for the price(we bought 2)and is made from recycled glass. We were amazed at the speed of the delivery- we got our pitchers in 2 days. We will definitely order again from La Tienda. We can't wait to introduce it to our guests."
  • Blubba - Dec 6, 2009  
    "If I were Spanish I might say mui bene; however, since gringo is my middle name please permit one observation about this item. It is absolutely wonderful. I bought on many years ago and used faithfully for over 40 years. As fate would have it, an inquisitive friend found a better place when he dropped it on the floor. Bye, bye porron. My sadness comes from not knowing how many folks used it nor how many ounces of wine were consumed. Several hundred persons used it and quit a significant number of liters were transferred from the porron to elsewhere. If one ever needed a novel way of getting the party going this is the perfect answer."


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