Fresh Gernika Peppers - Pimientos de Gernika by Peregrino (1 Pound) (VG-39)

Fresh Basque Peppers, Sauté and Serve - Season Starts in August

All Natural

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Fresh Gernika Peppers - Pimientos de Gernika by Peregrino (1 Pound)
Out Of Season Email me when available


  • From true Gernika pepper seeds from Spain
  • 100% mild, no spicy peppers
  • Fried and served as an appetizer
  • Similar to Padrón peppers, but never hot
  • Size - 1 Pound (about 80 peppers)

Pimientos de Gernika are delicious baby peppers from the Basque country. Like Padrón peppers, they are best when sautéed and sprinkled with sea salt – but Gernikas are never spicy! They are the perfect appetizer on a hot day with a cool drink.

NOTE: Gernika peppers are only available during the summer when they are in season. Please click the "Email me when available" link above to be notified when they are back in stock. Thanks!

Gernika peppers (also known as Gernikako peppers) come from the cool, mountainous Basque region. The climate may be the reason that this pepper lost its spiciness since it first arrived from the New World hundreds of years ago. We are excited to be partnering with a farmer in the U.S. who grows Gernika peppers in a similar climate, guaranteeing the same mild, flavorful peppers as in the Basque Country.

Beginning in August each year, our farmer hand-picks the small green peppers by hand and delivers them to us every few days. We then ship them to you, ensuring a fresh, delicious Gernika pepper. Simply fry them in a skillet in olive oil for about a minute on each side, then sprinkle with sea salt and serve.

Some say that it is helpful to cut a slit into the end of each pepper before frying to stop them from popping open while you cook them. Store them in a cool place, but avoid freezing them as they get quite bitter. We hope you enjoy these tasty peppers as much as we do!

Gernikas are available in late summer, from August through October.

If the Gernika peppers are out of season, make sure you click EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE under the product, and you will be the first to know when they are available again!

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