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Fabina Verde Beans (BE-11)

Bright Green Dried Beans from Asturias

All Natural

Price: $19.95
Fabina Verde Beans


  • Classic Asturian bean
  • Perfect for seafood and game dishes
  • Soak before cooking
  • Size - 1.1 Pounds - 1/2 Kilo

Fabina Verde is a distinctive dried green bean with a tender bite and delicate flavor. It is traditionally served with seafood or shellfish because its smooth texture and mild taste allow the seafood to shine. These are quite small beans that need to be soaked before cooking.

Our supplier hand harvests these Fabines Verdes in the province of Asturias.



based on 2 reviews

  • JUDITH MANTELL - BRENTWOOD, CA - Jan 18, 2015  
    "Have not tried these as yet...will be planting a few to see if they will grow here in California."
  • Miguel Herce - Brookline, MA - Mar 18, 2013  
    "these are sweet and smooth beans, perfect with clams, or with pork belly and chorizo."

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