Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons (16 Pieces) (CT-02)

16 Pieces of Extraordinary Flavor

All Natural

Price: $21.95 Perishable Product
Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons (16 Pieces)


  • 16 individually wrapped bonbons
  • Figs Infused with dark chocolate and brandy
  • NY Fancy Food Show: Best Confection 2006

Rabitos Royale Dark Chocolate Fig Bonbons are an amazing product - perhaps our favorite chocolate creation from Spain. They have won immediate acclaim from our La Tienda community. But don’t take their word for it; when you try one we are confident that they will become a favorite of yours.

Raquel and Señador Valero conceived of this extraordinary treat while living among the fig trees of a small village in southwestern Spain. They select tender young figs from the neighboring groves and fill them with a mousse made of dark chocolate and a hint of brandy.

Each one is then hand dipped in even more rich dark chocolate! Finally each individual Rabito Bonbon is sealed in a foil envelope so that it will always taste as fresh as the day they were made.

The rich dark chocolate / brandy mousse nicely accents the delicate sweetness of the baby fig. It is an inspired juxtaposition of flavors.

It is a culinary masterpiece that earned the Best Confection in Show honor at the Fancy Food Show in New York – no mean accomplishment for the folks of a remote town in Extremadura! The Valero family knocked the socks off all the sophisticated big city confectioners!

A box of Rabitos makes an inspired alternative to the usual box of chocolates. What a wonderful way to eat a healthy fig! (A great rationalization when you reach for your third one!)

Rabitos are an unusually tasty gift for friends and family – and nice to have around for yourself.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 2 pieces (32g) Servings per container about 8. Calories 110, calories from fat 50, Total fat 6g (8%), saturated fat 4g (21%), trans fat 0g, cholesterol <5mg (<1%), sodium 0mg (0%), total carbohydrate 14g (5%), dietary fiber 1g (6%), sugars 14g. Protein 1g. Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 4%, Iron 15%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 81 reviews

  • Pamelaa Bridgen - New Kensington, PA - May 29, 2016  
  • DAVID - HOUSTON, TX - Mar 1, 2016  
    "Perfect combination of succulent fruit and dark chocolate ... a real treat!"
  • FRANCES gordon - ATLANTIS, FL - Feb 21, 2016  
    "sooooo delicious! nothing else compares!"
  • Andrew Maczynski - Stockbridge, MA - Feb 21, 2016  
    "no comments."
  • Felicity Figueroa - Irvine, CA - Jan 18, 2016  
  • Sabina Sanchez - Lakeland, FL - Jan 10, 2016  
    "absolutely delicios"
  • Blanca Narvaez - Smyrna, GA - Jan 3, 2016  
    "Delicious "
  • ALLEN HEAD - Clarksville, TN - Jan 3, 2016  
    "Ridiculously delicious"
  • Maria Maestas - LAS VEGAS, NM - Dec 27, 2015  
    "These are delectable and delicious! They are a real treat, especially during the holidays. It was the first time I ordered these, and I plan to reorder and recommend them to my friends."
  • Anthony Lucchesi - Fountain Hills, AZ - Dec 27, 2015  
    "Fantastic - Now will be a Christmas Tradition!"
  • Patricia Sedlak - FAIRBORN, OH - Dec 6, 2015  
    "Impossible to leave alone. Fantastic in every way. Delicious and not too sweet. Just right."
  • Luigi517 - New York, NY - Nov 15, 2015  
    "Always excellent. Pure perfection!"
  • ROBERT MARTEN - ABBOTTSTOWN, PA - Oct 12, 2015  
    "We have eaten chocolate covered figs before, but these are by far the best."
  • George Steiner - Franklin Lakes, NJ - Oct 4, 2015  
    "Fast delivery, great product"
  • slc - Spring, TX - Sep 2, 2015  
    "OMG! I consider myself to be a connoisseur of dark chocolate, and this is the best chocolate confection I've ever had. The soft figs soaked in brandy and covered in dark chocolate are heavenly!! "
  • Mrs. Cruz - greenlawn, NY - May 24, 2015  
    "Delectable dark chocolate, sensually perfect figs, chocolate brandy infusion: what's not to love. "
  • M from NYC - New York, NY - Apr 26, 2015  
    "My all time favorite, absolutely fantastic!"
  • Shelley A - Spring, TX - Apr 13, 2015  
    "Served these for Easter dessert. They were a big hit. They do have a strong alcohol smell/taste that may be off putting for some but my crowd loved them."
  • Elizabeth SOLIMINI - WEST CHESTER, PA - Apr 10, 2015  
    "My mom loves these! "
  • marielena esparza - el paso, TX - Apr 5, 2015  
    "These bonbons melt in your mouth with rich flavor. I keep them in the refrigerator so when I serve them for dessert they are cold and the flavor just gets even better. Love them."
  • KAREN SHUE - Rancho Cordova, CA - Mar 27, 2015  
    "the family and I loved them!"
  • Lori C. - Westbury, NY - Mar 8, 2015  
    "excellent quality product. ultra-delicious flavor combo. a rare treat. great hostess gift for any chocolate lover."
  • Marti Lewis - PORT LUDLOW, WA - Feb 9, 2015  
    "This is a gift to a friend and I am sure she will like them as much as I do."
  • Jan Iris Smith - Cabin John, MD - Feb 9, 2015  
    "delicious and a perfect treat"
  • KLJ - Austin, TX - Jan 19, 2015  
    "These are simply amazing! I'm not easily impressed when it comes to chocolates, but these are absolutely delicious...5 Stars is not enough, they deserve 10 stars."
  • Ann - San Carlos, CA - Jan 18, 2015  
    "Great taste and texture and just the right amount of sweetness. Makes a wonderful gift! "
  • CHESTER CARTER - COOS BAY, OR - Dec 28, 2014  
    "Great flavor and texture, could be a little larger."
  • Mary Stuart - Moreno Valley, CA - Dec 15, 2014  
    "The most memorable sweet I have ever had. These are fabulous, and make a very impressive gift!"
  • IRENE DUDLEY - Gig Harbor, WA - Nov 11, 2014  
    "A couple of years ago I was given a box of these chocolates (I think). I didn't keep the box or write down the name so can't be sure. I thought they were out-of-this-world good! I purchased these two boxes to give as gifts and will probably buy myself a box soon. Thank you!"
  • Judith McQueen - Gold Beach , OR - Nov 9, 2014  
    "Consistently delightful. My favorite "guilty pleasure"."
  • Tricia - Toledo, OH - Nov 2, 2014  
    "Scrumptious! A true decadent treat. I indulge myself with these often. And it's fruit...how bad can that be? YUM!!"
  • mary tome - DELRAY BEACH, FL - Nov 2, 2014  
    "Absolutely LOVE these chocolate covered figs! Always fresh and they make wonderful gifts at a friendly price."
  • JOYCE - LOWELL, MA - Oct 25, 2014  
  • WENDY Gosselin - WHITINSVILLE, MA - Oct 22, 2014  
  • Svetlana Kokayeff - naperville, IL - May 5, 2013  
    "smooth and delicious chocolate in a tasty fig skin."
  • DENNIS MINER - PARKVILLE - Apr 22, 2013  
    "This was sent as part of a gift to another party so I have not seen or tasted. However, the reciepient told me the bonbons were "to die for". Nice addition, obviously."
  • Fletcher - HOLLYWOOD - Apr 22, 2013  
    "I loved them as did my wife. Unfortunately they did not last too long (were consumed at once) and now I will be reordering!"
  • James Ellsworth - Caldwell - Apr 21, 2013  
    "Doubly rich bonbon: rich, dark chocolate and rich fig. Order more than one package (or none) because they are irresistible."
  • Scott Kuester - Montgomery Village - Apr 10, 2013  
  • PAUL DAY - BROADMOOR VILLAGE, CA - Mar 3, 2013  
    "Wife loves them"
  • FELICIA UYEN - CLARKSVILLE, TN - Feb 18, 2013  
    "Is the best I've tasted in chocolates, really good!"
  • DaVonna Quernemoen - South Bend, IN - Jan 23, 2013  
  • jerry - Lewisburg, Tennessee - Jan 7, 2013  
    "This is an annual must buy. My wife adores these and usually makes two packages last until the next Christmas."
  • cathyb - Leb, New Hampshire - Jan 7, 2013  
    "I had one of these at work; co-worker brought them in. I thought the product was fantastic. Sent to family members for Christmas and they all echoed my response. Shipping prices a little pricey; but it was for a unique gift so I purchased them anyways. They reached my relatives on time and in good shape."
  • tamara Batyuk - San Francisco, California - Jan 7, 2013  
    "Delicious!!!! Will order it again!"
  • Jeep - Lake Forest, California - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Decadent! Delicious!"
  • Sheila - Kilmarnock, Virginia - Jan 6, 2013  
    "The Rabitos are a great hostess gift ... everyone loves them!"
  • JOI - Hartford, Connecticut - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Love that they are individually wrapped. The chocolate is delicious. A very special treat or as a gift."
  • Olivia - Grant, New York - Jan 6, 2013  
    "DELICIOUS. A wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys figs.....and the dark chocolate is heavenly."
  • Sallie - Greensboro, North Carolina - Jan 6, 2013  
    "So rich and so wonderful! I have given boxes of these to friends and the vote is 5 stars by all!"
  • Cita - Pass-A-Grille Beach, Florida - Jan 6, 2013  
    "My favorite confection ever!!"
  • pjvoice - Santa Monica, California - Jan 6, 2013  
  • david - new york, New York - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Excellent product"
  • Daniel Petrolati - Montrose, Pennsylvania - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Great product.... myself, as well as my holiday guests love these treats.."
  • PennyD - Kent, Ohio - Jan 6, 2013  
    "totally awesome = juicy fig + creamy truffle + dark chocolate coating"
  • Donna Nowland - Ojai, California - Sep 4, 2012  
    "Great gift was well received and enjoyed!"
  • Kelly - Huntington Beach, California - Aug 13, 2012  
    "I bought these as a gift for somebody that LOVES Spanish chocolate and they were a huge hit!"
  • Fatima carreira - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania - Aug 12, 2012  
  • donna mcgowan - bronx, New York - May 14, 2012  
    "Wonderfully addicting! I will be ordering this for many years to come."
  • smd - Apr 8, 2012  
  • profkathleen - Nov 20, 2011  
    "Very special and very delicious. "
  • Terry Marie - May 16, 2011  
    "I love these bon bons. They come fresh and delicious. I love shopping from this company. They have a wonderful line of products. Will purchase from them again and again."
  • Marie - Mar 5, 2011  
    "Rabitos Royale must be Spanish for "food for the gods." These candies are sublime..."
  • zoila - Feb 6, 2011  
    "Oof the most ravishing sweets I'have ever savour. I could not stop eating them and sharing them with friends!."
  • Laura - Jan 3, 2011  
    "They were delicious!!"
  • Rosalinda Iacovitti - Dec 25, 2010  
    "Everyone that tasted it would start with "Ohhhh! That is good!" And then ask me the details about the chocolate. I will get more of these for sure!"
  • Regina - Dec 19, 2010  
    "These bonbons are exquisite! They are just amazing and make a great gift. Each bonbon is individually wrapped to preserve freshness for each candy. That way the subtle brandy flavor does not fade. I gave several boxes of bonbons as holiday gifts and everyone loved them! They are different and interesting."
  • Lynne - Dec 16, 2010  
    "Although I was a bit skeptical (Spanish chocolate?)the reviews convinced me to try them. OMG! This is the best candy confection I've ever tasted. I'm now ordering more for gifts - well, we will see if they all make it into the giftees' hands!"
  • Laurie - Dec 5, 2010  
    "I ordered Rabitos Royale as a thank you present for friends after I sampled my first one a week ago. They are one of life's little pleasures for sure!!!"
  • Jim - Nov 21, 2010  
    "I have heard from one of my collegues that they are fabulous . Based on that I bought 2 boxes for gifts"
  • kimberley Barrera - Jul 25, 2010  
    "a very special and different treat. "
  • Elyse Defoor, artist - Jun 30, 2010  
    "Cannot express how wonderful these are, in order to save more for me!"
  • Ron - May 9, 2010  
    "Excellent product, plan to reorder very soon!"
  • Aymara - Dec 31, 2009  
    "If you love figs and dark chocolate, you found your match in heaven. Absolutely outstanding! I had one for he first time two days ago and had to read the very fine print to locate the Website and a place where I could get a supply. "
  • Rinshin - Dec 30, 2009  
    "These are wonderful. Great to give and and to receive. I've been sending these as gifts to Japan and they love them. "
  • Billy - Dec 30, 2009  
    "These are good, but do not deserve 5 stars. I purchased them based on the ratings and was sadly disappointed. They're good, but not that good."
  • Wendy - Dec 22, 2009  
    "Oh my goodness...I received these as a gift from my husband and did not think that I would enjoy them. They are, quite simply, divine. I had no idea that the dark chocolate shell would be so delicate, that the fig would be so light, and that the liqueur filling could marry all the flavors together in such an organic way. Delightful!"
  • Sheila - Dec 21, 2009  
    "These are wonderful! You must try them-you'll wonder why you waited so long to order them."
  • Megan - Oct 26, 2009  
    "I've been a chocolate lover for years and this one takes the "cake". It's purely WONDERFUL!"
  • Joanne - Jul 6, 2009  
    "A very 'grown-up' dessert; hide this one from the kids and neighbors b/c this is a perfectly justified selfish indulgence. Each piece has so much flavor, you are satisfied to eat just one or two at a time."
  • Frank Legarreta - Jun 29, 2009  
    "Extravagant, mature combo. It is about the best chocolate dessert you can have."

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