Palacios Chorizo Combo - 1 Hot, 1 Mild & 1 Mini (CZ-14)

All Natural - Imported from Spain

All Natural

Price: $28.95
Palacios Chorizo Combo - 1 Hot, 1 Mild & 1 Mini


  • Hot, mild & mini combo
  • All natural, no nitrates or nitrites added
  • USDA approved, dry-cured & ready to eat
  • Size - 2 x 7.9 oz/240 g & 1 x 6.5 oz/185 g

(en español abajo)

Palacios chorizo is made from a generations-old recipe by a family-owned company in La Rioja. Their delicious pork sausages are seasoned with smoked paprika -- pimentón de la vera. It is the distinctive smoked paprika that sets Spanish chorizo apart from sausages of any other country.

This combination allows you to try the flavor of the mild, the softer minis as well as the slightly spicy hot chorizo. Simply slice and serve.

Palacios was the first authentic Spanish chorizo available in the United States, and has been featured in the New York Times as well as Wine Spectator magazine. Their chorizos are fully dry-cured and ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine, or just a chunk of crusty bread.


Estamos orgullosos de ser los primeros en traer artículos auténticos de España. Fuimos los primeros en traerles el jamón serrano, productos iberico y les traemos el primer chorizo español auténtico disponible en Estados Unidos.

El chorizo Palacios suave está hecho con una receta que se remonta a generaciones atrás de una empresa familiar en La Rioja. Han hablado de él en el New York Times y la revista Wine Spectator. Estos deliciosos chorizos están sazonados con pimentón dulce español. Es una mezcla suave del característico pimentón que distingue al chorizo español de cualquier tipo de salchicha de otro país. Estos chorizos están totalmente curados en seco y listos para comer con su queso y vino favorito, o simplemente con un trozo de pan. Alrededor de una pulgada de grosor.

Nutritional Information

Mild Chorizo cz-06: Serving size, 1oz. (28g) Servings per container, 8. Calories 140, calories from fat 110. Total fat 12g (19%), saturated fat 5g (24%), cholesterol 25mg (9%), Sodium 500mg (21%), total carbs 0g (0%), protein 7g. Calcium 2%, Iron 6%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Mini Chorizo cz-16A: Serving size, 1oz. (28g) Servings per container, 7. Calories 140, calories from fat 110. Total fat 12g (18%), saturated fat 4g (2%), trans fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 20mg (7%), Sodium 465mg (19%), total carbs 0g (0%), dietary fiber 0g (0%), sugars 0g, protein 7g. Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 2%, Iron 8%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Hot Chorizo cz-07: Serving size, 21g. Servings per container, 16. Calories 64, calories from fat 0. Total fat 0g (0%), saturated fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 0mg (0%), Sodium 1mg (0%), total carbs 17g (6%), fiber 0g (0%), sugars 17g, protein 0g. Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 0%, Iron 0%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 14 reviews

  • Jose R Blanco JR - Dallas , TX - Jan 3, 2016  
    "I use it in my soups, polenta, and at times just eat it with crackers."
  • Donald Elliott - Poquoson, VA - Nov 8, 2015  
    "Took me back to the 3 years I spent in Spain"
  • Robert Lyon - Issaquah, WA - Oct 5, 2015  
    "I love Spanish Chorizo ever since I had some in Spain"
  • DAVID LOPEZ - PUEBLO, CO - Oct 4, 2015  
    "the name speaks for itself."
  • Karle Gordon - Havana, FL - May 24, 2015  
    "A great selection for our family. I like the mild and my husband loves the hot. Everyone's happy."
  • LINDSEY GROTTS - ASHEVILLE, NC - Dec 31, 2014  
    "Excellent Chorizo. My order got here in time for Christmas which was excellent. Great products."
  • BRUCE VALDEZ - Myrtle Beach, SC - Feb 17, 2013  
    "Very good assortment."
  • M. B. Kennedy - New Orleans, Louisiana - Jan 7, 2013  
    "This was a gift for a friend who loves sausage and has spent a lot of time in South America and abroad (Spain). He said they were some of the best he's ever had!"
  • Jenny - Tucson, Arizona - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Excellent and we enjoyed the morcilla as well."
  • TERRY J SILVA - WESTMINSTER, California - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Flavor is so satisfying and rich."
  • Anthony - Oct 17, 2011  
    "the mini chorizo were great to cut up as an apertizer with some cheese"
  • jeff - Jun 12, 2011  
    "This was so good!"
  • Kate - Mar 3, 2011  
    "Very enjoyable but expected the hot to have more of a bite"
  • bob - Jun 16, 2010  
    "Excellent.The chorizos are really authentic and very delicious."

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