Bone-In Surryano - Virginia-Style Serrano Ham - FREE SHIPPING! (JM-46)

100% Pasture Raised, Hickory Smoked in Virginia

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Bone-In Surryano - Virginia-Style Serrano Ham - FREE SHIPPING!
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  • From 100% pasture-raised Heritage Berkshire pork
  • Serrano ham, Virginia style
  • Hickory smoked, ready to slice
  • Holder not included
  • USDA approved
  • Size - Approximately 13-15 Pounds

Our friends at Edwards in Surry Virginia are famous for artisan hams. Building on generations of ham experience, they now present their own twist on Serrano ham. Cured in the Spanish tradition of extended aging and much less salt than Virginia ham, it is then smoked with hickory wood to add a little new world charm!

It is a wonderful blend of the two traditions. This unique ham is made using heritage Berkshire pork, a fattier breed which lends the ham more flavor. Plus the pigs come from outdoor farms where animals have plenty of fresh air and sunshine, under certified humane conditions. The pork is completely free of antibiotics and growth hormones. This posh treatment gives the ham superior marbling and flavor, creating a truly artisan ham.

Each ham is cured for a minimum of 400 days in the famous S. Wallace Edwards curing houses in Surry, Virginia.


Berkshire pork, salt and sodium nitrate.

based on 6 reviews

  • Harry Gilliam - Round Hill, VA - Dec 6, 2015  
    "At the last minute, I ordered a Surryano ham to take to an impromptu get together at a friend's house. They were not expecting it--not expecting the ham, and as experienced Virginia ham connoiseurs, definitely not expecting the flavor! A HIT! I brought it all set up in its ham-stand, replete with a sharp ham knife, and taught them how to carve thin, beautiful slices, which they loved learning. 4 guys wiped out nearly 1/3 of that ham in one day. Please tell Mr. Sam to keep making more of these as fast as he can."
  • John Befumo - Charleston, SC - Nov 16, 2014  
    "Decent ham, but not exactly as advertised. Although the texture and marbling is great, this ham is much more "smokey" and saltier than described."
  • john orchard - Mar 29, 2012  
    "I have tried several of the more expensive Spanish hams and this is every bit as good and significantly less expensive. I actually prefer the slightly smokey flavor."
  • Delighted in Vermont! - Jan 2, 2012  
    "This ham was purchased at the last minute (on Sunday after Xmas) for our son's engagement party (on Friday following.) La Tienda delivered it on time...and the ham itself was/is delicious! Ordering a Virginia Serrano from La Tienda is likely going to become a new holiday family tradition. Thanks!"
  • Thomas Ryan Nelson - May 18, 2010  
    "There may be hams equal to the taste of this one, but I have not encountered a ham that is superior in taste to this one."
  • asturiano - Jan 21, 2010  
    "I am very disappointed with the purchase. It is so cured and dry that it is almost impossible to cut the ham with the knife. After eating the few slices I was able to cut, I found it to salty and that the smoked treatment it has really hide the natural flavour of the ham, not adding any value. We will try to use it for cooking purposes, hopefully we will get some value out of it doing that. "


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