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Premium Bacalao Solomillo - Desalted Cod Loins (SE-113)

Frozen - Ready to Cook

All Natural

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Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
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Premium Bacalao Solomillo - Desalted Cod Loins
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Ideal for Bacalao al Pil-Pil
  • Tender, whole cod tenderloins
  • Desalted, shipped frozen
  • From the Basque country
  • Size - About 10 oz/283 gr

These delicious tenderloins are desalted and ready to prepare in your favorite Spanish recipe. Center cut and boneless, they are the finest part of the bacalao.

Bacalao has been a favorite in Spain for centuries. Because it could be stored and transported without spoiling, it was enjoyed across the country. The Basque region became identified with the finest bacalao recipes, partly because much of the cod originally arrived in its ports before salting.

Normally cod must be soaked for at least a day to remove the salt before cooking. Our friends at La Bacaladera have done this for you - each beautiful white loin is desalted to perfection, then frozen and vacuum packed.

Simply thaw in the refrigerator and you are ready to prepare a number of classic Spanish recipes. These loins are particularly good for Bacalao al Pil-Pil because they are skin on, essential for creating the creamy, rich sauce associated with this dish.

Each package is shipped with dry ice and should be stored in the freezer until it is to be prepared.


Cod, salt.


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