Arbequina Olives (Extra Large Jar) (OL-65)

All Natural - Extra Large Jar

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Arbequina Olives  (Extra Large Jar)
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  • Small nutty olives with pits
  • Crunchy with a sweet flavor
  • Made in Carmona
  • Premium quality
  • Size - 1 Gallon/128 oz

These tiny, amber olives will make you long for the warm summer evenings in Barcelona, lingering over tapas until the wee hours of the night!

We were thrilled to discover Dequmana, a small Andalucian producer that uses no preservatives! It’s just one of the clues as to why their olives taste just like the ones we’ve enjoyed in Spain but can’t seem to find back in the United States. These nutty little olives will impress you, and your guests!

Dequmana uses the highest quality Arbequina olives, a tiny variety that is frequently used to make buttery, fruity olive oil. As a table olive, it’s equally rich and complex, with a nice crunch and the familiar tang of a well-cured olive.

Once the fruit is picked in the Andalucian town of Carmona, it’s cured and marinated in a mix of herbs to pack in more flavor. Pop open a jar, and you’ll get a refreshing whiff of buttery olives and aromatic herbs.

Many people have never seen such small, dainty olives, so we love to serve them when friends come over for dinner. With an icy glass of cava and a few nibbles of the little Arbequinas, you’ll be satisfied long before the meal starts!

This extra large jar is perfect for the olive fanatic, or to feed a crowd. Store in the refrigerator once opened, and use within a couple of weeks.

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