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Gourmet Anchovy Fillets from the Cantabrian Sea (SE-06)

Packed in Olive Oil - 3.5 oz

All Natural

Price: $22.95 Perishable Product
Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
Gourmet Anchovy Fillets from the Cantabrian Sea


  • Premium Cantabrian Anchovies
  • Hand packed in olive oil
  • Delicious with crackers and cheese
  • Worlds apart from salty canned anchovies!
  • 3.5 oz resealable jar

Artisan hand packed anchovies from the northern waters off Cantabria are a fish unto themselves. What sets these anchovies apart from all others is the curing tradition of the Basque Country that goes back for generations.

These little white anchovies are caught locally, salted, then washed in clear water and individually placed in a jar by hand and topped with olive oil. You won't find a higher quality anchovy anywhere.

Included is a little fork to spear these delightful anchovies – just put them on a cracker, or serve with Manchego cheese and a slice of tomato.

Banish from your mind those strong tasting, overly salted anchovies on supermarket shelves – they are the distant cousins we’d rather not think about!

Nutritional Information

Serving size 4 pieces ( 15g). Servings about 3.5. Calories 20. Fat calories 10. Total fat 1g (2%). Saturated fat 0g (0%), Cholesterol. 0mg (0%), sodium 880mg (37%), total carbs 0g (0%). Fiber 0g (0%), sugars 0g, protein 3g (0%), vitamin A and vitamin C 0%. Calcium 4%, Iron 0%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 6 reviews

  • ROBERT - ASHEVILLE, NC - Oct 1, 2015  
    "Great anchovies, will be buying more of these."
  • ABee - Aug 19, 2010  
    "I'm not sure why every site says that these are "Not like those salty anchovies in tins" since these are just as salty as any other anchovy I've ever tasted. That said, the difference with these is that they have a much more intense, complex flavor; a lovely rich color; a milder aroma; and are larger. They're really high-quality and good enough to eat right out of the jar. But still, the implication that they are somehow less salty is a little misleading - these are very salty just like other anchovies. Just much much better."
  • JOHN D. LIVINGSTON - Apr 28, 2010  
    "Ortiz anchovies sre vastly superior to any other. Well worth their price and the efort to locate them. They make superb crostini and are wonderful when added to pizza and sauces. They have firm exture and are bursting with flavor."
  • chef paul yow - Sep 18, 2009  
    "simply the best in the world"

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