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Paella Pan Lid (PP-22)

15.75 Inch Aluminum Lid with Handle

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Paella Pan Lid
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Aluminum lid covers pans up to 15 inches
  • Covers a finished paella before serving
  • Easy to clean aluminum
  • Size - 15.75 inch/40 cm - For 15 Inch Pans

Preparing a beautiful paella is fun and surprisingly easy. Great rice is the key, along with a flavorful broth seasoned with saffron, as well as very fresh meats and vegetables.

Once your paella is taken off the heat, it is important that it rest, covered, for fifteen minutes or so to finish cooking and to allow the rice to fully absorb the tastes of the broth and other ingredients. This lightweight lid is designed specifically for this period, sealing in the heat and flavor while the paella rests.

This paella pan lid is slightly larger than the 15 inch pan it goes with, allowing for full coverage. It is very easy to clean and is an attractive way to present your paella on the table before the lid is removed to reveal your paella masterpiece.

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