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15 Inch Traditional Steel Paella Pan (PP-07)

Classic Pan from Valencia (Serves 6 people)

$24.95 SALE PRICE: $21.95
15 Inch Traditional Steel Paella Pan


  • Made of traditional steel
  • Dimpled bottom to disperse heat
  • Wipe down with olive oil for care
  • Made in Valencia
  • Size - 15 in/38 cm

This size pan makes enough paella for a dinner of 6 people. It is the traditional steel paella pan used by Spaniards for centuries. The pan bottom is dimpled in order to spread heat evenly. You can use this paella pan either in the oven, on top of the stove, or on an outdoor grill.

As you use your steel paella pan it will become seasoned: changing color and absorbing more flavors as you continue to cook with it. After each use, treat the pan as you would any steel or cast iron pan: wash it by hand, then season it with a light film of oil to retard rust. Should any rust appear, merely wipe it off.

Seasoning tip: If you coat the pan with olive oil and place it in a 350 F oven for two hours the process will help prevent rust.

Safe for use with induction cooktops.

based on 25 reviews

  • Alex Quattlebaum - Charleston, SC  
    "Perfect paella pan, the real deal."
    "should offer a cover to fit this pan"
  • Susan Strickland - West Hills, CA  
    "I haven't used it yet but am guessing it will be excellent."
  • kenneth roe - colonial beach, VA  
  • Erick Delvalle - SAINT ROBERT, MO  
  • David Wright - Midland, TX  
    "I was very happy to receive my paella pan just a few days after I ordered it. I just used it over the weekend and my friend was impressed and he really like the appearance of the pan. I hope to purchase the cover as soon you have it available."
  • Jonathan Birtwistle - Chatham, NY  
  • PHILIPPE ROBIN - comox, BC  
  • Roberto B Martinez - Arlington, TX  
    "Excelent and fast service, I am very happy with my paella pan."
    "I'm very impressed with the quality of this paella pan. "
  • Roger Chastain - RICHLAND, MS  
    "This item was a gift to my son. Even though he has yet to use it, his obvious excitement for what lies ahead rates 5 stars. He is shopping now for ingredients to begin his pursuit of Paella perfection. "
  • Zac - Carol Stream, IL  
  • Jesus Gonzalez - Banks, OR  
  • David Frey - University Park, PA  
    "Great price and gets the job done right. Paella Sundays after church are now an institution. "
  • john cox - coppell  
    "Love the way it helped me make a great paella."
  • Meleah Rubio - Austin, Texas  
    "I purchased this for my husband for Christmas, a Spaniard, to make his amazing paella. We used it for New Years and it was the best paella he has cooked yet! We love it! And it was so easy to clean. We are looking forward to using it a lot."
  • Lisa Rising - Elgin, Illinois  
    "This is a great pan. We've used it to make paella on the stove top, in the oven, as well as on top of a small grill. In each and every instance the pan performs flawlessly. We also have a 26" pan that is used on top of a round grill, too. These pans clean up nicely."
  • Pete M - Cumming, Georgia  
    "Bought the paella pan and lid. Great and authentic product from Spain, packaged very well. Great price. Great communications and fast shipment. thanks!! Would buy again"
  • jeff  
  • David  
    "Very nice pan, durable and cooks well. Need to follow directions on care and seasoning but if you do, the results are great."
  • Nick  
    "Good quality for a good price."
  • Juan  
    "The 15in steel pan is just perfect for the 6-8 people we usually invite for special occasions. "
  • Brad Pabian  
  • Mallorquina  
    "Great Paella pan! My experience is that it only serves 4 people if they want full plates and sometimes seconds, which always happens when you cook a paella!!"
  • Sylfer  
    "Just made my first paella in the 15" pan... the paella didn't last very long : ) Excellent product, very sturdy, certain it will last a long time."
  • Mandy  
    "The paella pan is a great value--it cleans up well and has a wonderful large space for sauteeing vegetables in addition to paella!"
  • Chuck  
    "Great product. Excellent company to deal with."

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