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Essential Paella Ingredients by Peregrino (PA-05)

Ingredients for 2 or 3 Perfect Paellas! (Pan Not Included)

Price: $64.95
Essential Paella Ingredients by Peregrino


  • Makes up to 3 paellas
  • For the best paella, the finest ingredients
  • Just add vegetables and meat
  • Save at least 10%

Already have a pan? Here are the premium ingredients to create the perfect paella! They really do make a difference - from flavor absorbing Bomba rice, to smoky paprika from La Vera, these ingredients elevate a normal paella to a remarkably authentic one. And there is enough here to make two or three paellas, depending on how big they are of course!

Conventional rice or grocery store paprika are bound to produce a disappointing paella - we know from experience. For entertaining friends and family, be sure to start with the best ingredients. We guarantee you will see superior results!

1. Bomba rice from Calasparra D.O.(2.2 lbs.) - the ultimate rice for paella;
2. Hand-picked Spanish saffron (0.035 oz);
3. The celebrated smoked pimenton paprika, D.O.(2.47 oz);
4. All natural fire roasted Piquillo Pimientos strips (8 oz) from Lodosa - scarce as they are flavorful; and
5. A 500ml bottle of Senorio de Vizcantar Special Selection extra virgin olive oil.

(We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.)

based on 16 reviews

  • Lena Johnson - Lakeland, FL  
  • Royce Alsop - MARCO ISLAND, FL  
    "Perfect for your first time!"
  • Linda Summerlin - Tallahassee, FL  
  • Daniel Greer - Walsenburg, CO  
  • Michael Rosado - Valley Stream, NY  
    "My paella came out amazing!!!"
  • victor brandt - calabasas, CA  
  • Carlos Rivera-Vazquez - San Juan, FL  
  • David Wright - Midland, TX  
  • greg swanson - appleton, WI  
  • Jeffrey Bakken - Fairfax, VA  
  • John Signes - Trumbull, CT  
    "exactly what i was looking for"
  • Richard Baldwin - Brownsville, TX  
    "Fantastic, just add my shrimp."
  • Kristine Hazzard - Hinsdale, Massachusetts  
  • Renee Antillon Kinner - Buena Park, California  
  • Noreen & Steve  
    "We loved your chorizo and we loved all of the ingedients. We will definitely use more of your products in the future. Thanks. Noreen & Steve "
  • L.  
    "Well worth it to get the authentic ingredients to make the paella. It is all in the seasoning. The best part was the roasted pimenton - and of course - you can't find calasparra rice commercially anywhere else"
  • YADIRA  

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