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Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 10 Vinegar (VN-23)

Full flavored alternative to Balsamic

All Natural

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Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 10 Vinegar
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  • Full-flavored, semi-dry
  • Exquisitely sweet, with the right amount of tanginess
  • Aged for 10 years
  • Size - 8.5 oz/250 ml

Alvear Pedro Ximenez Semi Seco Solera 10 vinegar is emerging as a noteworthy gourmet alternative for Balsamic vinegar.

It has the sweet touch of balsamic with a richer, more rustic flavor – comparable to the finest Balsamic of Italy, yet with a character all its own. If you enjoy balsamic, you will welcome this fine solera 10 vinegar to your table.

Produced in Montilla (Córdoba) Alvear Solera 10 “PX” vinegar has its own natural sweetness from Pedro Jimenez grapes, thereby avoiding the cloyingly sweetness of a supermarket “balsamic" vinegar which often is actually ordinary red wine vinegar with sugar added. It is semi-dry, as vinegar should be.

Alvear Solera 10 sherry vinegar comes from the region of Montilla-Moriles in Cordoba, and is made using similar techniques as manzanilla sherries, but is made from rich and complex Pedro Ximenez wine, in small production.

The grapes are dried in the blazing Andalucian sun until they nearly become raisins, thereby concentrating all the natural sugars. After they are pressed, they are aged in oak butts using the ten year long Solera process. The result is exquisite sweet vinegar with just the right amount of tang.

The Solera process is a way of aging wine in which a portion of each vintage is artfully blended with each of the earlier vintages, in this case over ten years worth. The result is a sophisticated product of uniform flavor and aroma.

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