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2 Jars of Crunchy Sweet White Garlic (VG-07-2)

Very Mild and Crunchy for Salads

Price: $14.95
2 Jars of Crunchy Sweet White Garlic


  • Crisp and delicious!
  • Mild and sweet
  • Marinated in vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
  • Size - 2 x 6.3 oz/180 g

This is extremely mild, crunchy white garlic packed in water and extra virgin olive oil. So sweet, you barely know you're eating garlic.

The secret is that this strain of garlic is very different from normal garlic, with none of the spiciness and power you would expect. These cloves are marinated in vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Great on salads or as a snack.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 30g. Servings per Container 6. Calories 37, Fat calories 0, Total fat 0g, saturated fat 0g, cholesterol 0g, sodium 0mg, carbohydrate 8g (2%) dietary fiber 0g, protein 2g (1%), Iron 3%, Calcium 1%, vitamin A 0%, vitamin C 6.5%.* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 27 reviews

  • Ken Clark - Boston, MA - Jun 28, 2015  
  • JOAN - HUNTINGTON BEACH, California - Jul 13, 2014  
    "YUM! These are delicious right out of the jar and makes perfect addition to condiment platter, tapas, cocktails, etc. Delicate with a nice light snap to bite into. Definitely will re-order. "
  • Joseph Peter Gaby - Portland, OR - Apr 21, 2014  
    "I love these!"
  • MK - Wash - Mar 12, 2014  
    "Although this product does taste good, it is marred by the MSG included. Online, it mentions "flavor enhancer" as an ingredient...I blew past that, but should have paid more attention. The label itself lists MSG as an ingredient. Too bad. Dear MK, Thank you so much for your review! We have updated our ingredient listing as a result and very much appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Kindest regards, The La Tienda Team"
  • Barbara L Weir - Warminster, PA - Apr 21, 2013  
    "always delectable"
  • Grace Limon - Simi Valley, CA - Apr 7, 2013  
    "Excellent product! I love garlic, but above all, the ones you provide for us. Please put them on sale as soon as you can. I'll wait. Thanks -- Grace in Simi Valley, CA"
  • Mildrred Fitzgerald - New Bern, NC - Feb 10, 2013  
    "Wonderful, wonderful. A lovely sweet surprise."
  • Marian - LONDON, Kentucky - Jan 6, 2013  
    "Delicious! I order it with every order!"
  • Frank - Penfield, New York - Jul 28, 2012  
    "Garlic is delicious, unlike the olives I received as part of this last buy which were awful."
  • Jade - Apr 23, 2012  
    "We love garlic but this is astounding! They are crunchy with an incredible balance between the sweet garlic and the tart vinegar. Best at room temperature but right out of the fridge a cool sweet and tangy treat. Wonderful!"
  • Janice Marble - Nov 16, 2011  
    "These are fantastic! They don't really taste like garlic, but are sweet and crunchy with a wonderful tang from the vinegar, once opened it'd hard not to eat the whole thing in one go. I was SO surprised by these!"
  • Ivonne - Sep 21, 2011  
    "We got the garlic but we did not like it. There where very vinegary. I love everything until now but not this. Not sweet at all"
  • jan - Jul 18, 2011  
    "You can forget roasted garlic when you have these sweet little bits. My husband eats them right out of the jar, just like peanuts."
  • Michele - Aug 30, 2010  
    "The Crunchy Sweet White Garlic is delicious in salads or simply as an hors d'oeuvre all by itself."
  • Tomas R Garcia - Dec 28, 2009  
  • Valerie - Nov 12, 2009  
    "Absolutely wonderful! We eat these straight out of the jar :)"
  • Sherrill - Sep 19, 2009  
    "NO Garlic anywhere compares to this Spanish delicacy ... pop one in your mouth and enjoy the burst of MELLOW but intense flavor ... Wonderful in salads and other uncooked dishes ... We use it in everything! The first question people ask when they walk in our door is "WHAT are you cooking with your wonderful Spanish garlic tonight?" If you enjoy seafood ... this is the garlic for you ... shave it very thinly and add it to your butter or other fish sauce ... your guests will need the Spanish artisan bread to sop up the juice!"


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