2 Jars of Gazpacho Andaluz - All Natural (SU-22-2)

Fresh Gazpacho with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Andalucia

All Natural

Price: $19.95
2 Jars of Gazpacho Andaluz - All Natural


  • Refreshing chilled soup
  • Handmade in Córdoba
  • No preservatives
  • Hand peeled tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
  • Size - 2 x 24 fl. oz/680 ml

Gazpacho is a refreshing, cold tomato soup from Andalucía, in the south of Spain. This is truly authentic gazpacho from Despensa la Nuestra (Our Pantry). It tastes just the same as the gazpacho you would be served fresh in homes throughout southern Spain – and that is exactly what it is – made by homemakers in Córdoba. The tomatoes are actually peeled by hand!

Their recipe uses breadcrumbs and lots of extra virgin olive oil, to create a smooth, silky gazpacho. Gazpacho from other regions of Spain tends to be more acidic with very little bread - also tasty but not quite as suave.

Gazpacho is a fresh, uncooked soup made from a pureed mixture of tomatoes, bread, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Although it originated in Spain, gazpacho is now enjoyed all over the world. Typically a summertime dish, gazpacho can be a meal in itself. Garnish it with crusty croutons or diced hard-boiled eggs for a light dinner on a warm summer night.

This gazpacho is prepared by Despensa la Nuestra, a small cooperative of homemakers in rural Córdoba. When their local sugar beet factory closed, thereby putting hundreds of breadwinners out of work, a group of women founded Despensa la Nuestra to create jobs and to provide authentic, easy to prepare Spanish food for working women, so that they could still come home and serve good wholesome food.

Many of the mothers at Despensa begin their workday before dawn so that they complete their tasks their children return from school. This is one of the original motivations of the company: to help other Spanish women working outside the home. With the assistance of Despensa products, women could work and still serve authentic Spanish dishes at home without sacrificing their valuable family time.

Despensa products are carefully and thoughtfully produced to taste as close to homemade as you will find without having prepared the food yourself. They use top quality produce from their own farms and never add any coloring or preservatives.

Serve chilled and refrigerate after opening.


Tomatoes, bread crumbs (made of wheat flour, water and yeast), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, vinegar and sea salt.


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