Cannelloni Pasta (3 Packages) (SU-14A)

Catalan Style

All Natural

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Cannelloni Pasta (3 Packages)
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Fill with meat and top with bechamel cream sauce
  • Each box serves 4
  • From Catalonia
  • Size - 3 x 4.5 oz/125 g

Catalonia is the only region of Spain where pasta has really become established. Cannelloni rolls stuffed with a meat mixture and covered in "bechamel" cream sauce is very popular in that region. About 20 pieces per box, feeds 4 people.

To prepare the cannelloni for stuffing, drop each piece one by one into boiling water with a bit of oil and salt. Stir occasionally. After 12 to 15 minutes, drain and remove them to a bowl of cold water. After a couple of minutes, spread them separately on a cloth to dry. They are now ready to be filled with your favorite stuffing.

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