Saffron by Princesa de Minaya (SN-03)

The Best in the World - Hand-Painted Jar

All Natural

Price: $38.95
Saffron by Princesa de Minaya


  • Intense aroma, flavor, and color
  • World's best, from 10 acre family plot
  • Exquisitely toasted
  • Select Category, Class I; DO La Mancha
  • Size - 2 grams

'Princesa de Minaya’ is “An artisanal saffron of immense quality” quotes 'Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia' - the definitive gourmet food guide in Spain.

Our saffron is Select Category Class I which is the highest quality - the color and flavor intensity must be rated more than 190. Princesa de Minaya has never tested below 190 and is often above 200 (according to the international standard ISO-3632-2).

Unquestionably the best of the best, La Tienda can bring it to your kitchen because the family that produces the saffron is satisfied with the life they have: producing the best, and in low volume. Our order meets their personal needs, they dream of no more.

They collect, prune and toast it themselves daily during the harvest, which has a decisive effect on its aromatic, flavor profile and coloring strength—and all three are very intense. Their production for the year is no more than 50lbs. depending on the harvest. Your purchase supports a vanishing artisan industry.

For several generations the family of Maria Ángeles and Juan Antonio Serrano has cultivated the highest quality saffron in Spain – if not the world -- on their ten acre plot. It takes about 400 crocus flowers to obtain the two grams of saffron you find packed in this bottle.

María Angeles selects beautiful hand-painted ceramic jars from a neighboring potter. The pieces have become collectibles in Spain. You can refill and store your saffron for years to come. Each jar is 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

Since saffron is such a precious condiment, the market is being flooded with many inferior grades and outright counterfeits. The Serrano family affixes the ‘Denomination of Origin La Mancha’ seal on each jar, so that you will be guaranteed that Princesa de Minaya is actually grown in La Mancha, the site of the finest saffron (azafrán) in the world.



based on 14 reviews

  • Barbara Root - Carlsbad, NM  
  • KRISZTINA PETER - berlin, CT  
  • Stephen - Nacogdoches, TX  
    "Very good quality."
  • DINA VOUTOUR - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  
    "It is the finest and best saffron in the world."
  • Chris - Wellesley , MA  
    "In answer to other reviews, 2 grams of saffron are included, $30 if ordered separately on this site, ; the beautiful jar is only an additional $8. The saffron is packaged in 2 airtight resealable plastic bags, allowing one to pour/pinch the desired amount. After viewing in person, would purchase again!"
  • David Wells - Beach Lake, PA  
    "the jar is well made and adds a dash of color to my spice shelves. I thought it was a great value for the spice."
  • Ron Michels - Livermore, CA  
    "The saffron is good, but I think it is overpriced"
  • Diane - Dearborn, Michigan  
  • jenny - Tucson, Arizona  
  • Kathy T  
    "Beautiful jar but the top falls off. There should be cork or something else to keep the jar airtight for this fabulous spice. Very dissapointed that I cannot store the saffron in the jar."
  • Dave Aldrich/Thorpe  
    "As a young child I learned "azafran" as a spice to cook with but when I came to the States had no idea what it was called in English. The "ceramica" container is perfect and is a perfect new addition to my counter where I prep food. Perfect size for a very valuable spice in my diet. Container is not air-tight and is approximately 6-inches tall - PERFECT"
  • Jeff  
    "Silly little jar with a lid that doesn't fit--don't bump the jar or the lid will fall right off and break! Also, the product was covered with stickers that were difficult to get off without marring the glaze. The jar is poorly designed and definitely not worth $40. "
  • Carola  
    "Beautiful little jar, great quality saffron."
  • Luisa  
    "Superb. Intense saffron flavor."

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