2 Tins of Smoked Anchovy Fillets by Nardin (SE-74-2)

Less Salty - Packed in Olive Oil

All Natural

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2 Tins of Smoked Anchovy Fillets by Nardin
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Hardwood smoked
  • Much less salt than regular anchovies
  • Very tender and fresh tasting
  • Size - 2 x 3.5 ounces - 100 grams

These smoked anchovies from Cantabria are very special. Unlike normal salted anchovies, they have a tender freshness and pungent smoky flavor. The meat of the anchovy is translucent white and plump, having not been dehydrated by salt.

Nardin Smoked Anchovies are caught on the surface of the Cantabria Sea in the Bay of Biscay, using ring nets that skim only the surface of the sea. While still on board, they protect the tiny fish from the sun and open air by immediately plunging them into barrels full of a mild brine solution.

A normal salted anchovy is in an extremely salty brine for 9 months. It is then washed, dried by hand and packed in oil. Even after washing, the final anchovy is still quite salty.

These smoked anchovies are caught, cleaned, and placed in a salt brine that has 1/2 the salt for 48 hours under refrigeration. They are then removed, washed, hand dried and smoked with beech wood from local forests. Even the selection of the beech wood is very meticulous.

The result is the most delectable piece of fish imaginable with a succulent texture and mild flavor like nothing else.

The Nardín enterprise is a small family business from Cantabria.


Anchovies, olive oil and salt.

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