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Percebes de Galicia 'Los Peperetes' - Exquisite Goose Barnacles (SE-70)

15 to 20 per tin

All Natural

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Percebes de Galicia 'Los Peperetes' - Exquisite Goose Barnacles
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  • Exquisite delicacy
  • Harvested from the rocky coast of Galicia
  • Fresh, briny taste
  • The first time ever in America!
  • Size - 5.3 oz/150 g Tin

Percebes are one of the most sought after delicacies in Spain. They taste briny and fresh, and are painstakingly harvested off the wave pounded rocky shores of Galicia in Spain's north west.

At most Galician restaurants these long, slender percebes are served steaming hot with their triangular shells still attached. Our friends at Los Peperetes have accomplished an incredible feat, by preserving that very fresh briny flavor in a can. The masters at Los Peperetes are the first to attempt preserving the percebes this way - and thanks to them this is the first time this delicacy has been enjoyed in the U.S.

A plate of percebes in Spain can cost up to 100 euros per kilo, so this is a very costly delicacy, even fresh in Spain. The reason is that harvesting them from the rocky shores is extremely dangerous. Every year a brave fisherman dies working to cut away the percebes from their wave battered rocks.


Percebes (goose barnacles), water, salt.

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