2 Packages of Boquerones White Anchovies in Olive Oil and Vinegar (SE-134-2)

Tender, White Anchovies with Sliced Garlic and Parsley

All Natural

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2 Packages of Boquerones White Anchovies in Olive Oil and Vinegar
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  • Freshest boquerones in the U.S.
  • Mild, not salty
  • Classic tapa from Spain
  • Filleted by hand and packaged in vinegar and olive oil
  • Approximately 10 fillets per package
  • Size - 3.87 oz/110 gr net weight

These tender, mild white fillets are a delight served on crusty bread with piquillo peppers or alone on crisp crackers. Add them to salads or simply skewer them with a pickle and an olive and serve to guests as a tasty tapa. Satisfying enough to eat right out of the package or to pair with other fare.

Freshly plucked from the Atlantic and filleted by hand, these boquerones are delicately salted and have a much milder taste than traditional anchovies. In fact, these fish don’t taste “fishy” at all. The delicate fillets are packed in olive oil and white wine vinegar, with sliced garlic and parsley.

In the Basque Country, boquerones are filleted by hand, one by one, then marinated in wine vinegar following their departure from the ocean. The vinegar immediately pickles them, sealing in their fresh taste. Olive oil is added to introduce a smooth, silky flavor. Each bite will whisk you away to the seaside towns of the Basque region where these fish are readily served as tapas.

Conservas Ortiz has offered the finest Basque seafood for over 100 years. Five generations of the Ortiz family have shepherded the company, focused on the highest quality products harvested fresh from local seas.

Boquerones and anchovies are the same type of fish, the difference is that anchovies are heavily salted and boquerones are not. All boquerones are flash frozen soon after harvest to ensure they are safe to eat, then intermediately thawed and packed.

These boquerones have been chilled since they were harvested from the sea and packaged so that they arrive to you with pristine freshness. Keep them refrigerated and serve within a couple of days after opening.

Nutritional Information

Serving size: 2 pieces (18g). Servings: about 5. Calories: 29, Fat Calories: 12. Total fat 1.3g (2%), Saturated Fat 0.3g (1.5%), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 9.6g (3.2%), Sodium 200mg (8.3%), Total Carbohydrates 0.4g (0.1%), Fiber 0g (0%), Sugar 0g (0%), Protein 4g (8%). Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 1.3%, Iron 0.1%. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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