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Mojama Dry-Cured Tuna Fillet (SE-108)

Dry-Cured Tuna in Sea Salt - 8.8 oz

All Natural

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Mojama Dry-Cured Tuna Fillet
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  • Classic sun-cured Yellowfin tuna
  • Premium grade cut from the loin
  • Slice thinly and drizzle with olive oil
  • Enhances paella fish stock & sopa de marisco
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250 g piece

Mojama tuna fillet, dry-cured in sea salt, is a rare delicacy from Andalucía. A particularly nice way to enjoy mojama is to slice it very thinly and marinate the slices in olive oil for about an hour. Serve with freshly toasted almonds and a light fruity wine.

Spaniards living along the Costa de la Luz, from Cádiz to Portugal prefer mojama just as it is: thinly sliced on crusty bread, sprinkled with a fine extra virgin olive oil. They choose not to garnish the tuna with mayonnaise or ali oli sauce, because they feel the sauce competes with the delicate flavor of the tuna.

Along the coast of Murcia and Alicante in the Mediterranean, people prefer to have their mojama served in small pieces as a garnish for a green salad – in the fashion of bacon bits.

A cooking tip: Enrich the flavor of your sopa de marisco, seafood bouillabaisse, or the broth for your seafood paella by adding shavings of mojama.

Mojama originated centuries ago along the southwest coast of Spain in Huelva, and Cádiz. The climate along that area of the Costa de la Luz tends to be breezy and dry -- perfect for preserving the abundance of blue fin tuna caught in the Mediterranean Sea.

To cure the tuna, the fishermen pack fresh fillets in sea salt, rinse them, and then hang them in the sun to dry. The constant light winds in the region are key to assuring that the fillets are thoroughly dry. As they are cured in the sun, the loins shrink and darken until they are a reddish brown with a subtle flavor.


Tuna and sea salt.

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