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Artisan Alioli Garlic Mayonnaise (3 Packages) (SC-22-3)

Made with 26% Olive Oil by Chef Martin Berastegui

All Natural

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Artisan Alioli Garlic Mayonnaise (3 Packages)
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  • Silky smooth garlic spread
  • Great for grilled chicken or pork
  • All natural, no additives or preservatives
  • Size - 3 x 4.2 oz

Santa Teresa Ali Oli is from a recipe of Martin Berastegui, the celebrated Basque chef. He has sought to produce a suave smooth and silky garlic mayonnaise sauce with a subtle use of garlic.

There are many variations of this sauce, which originated in Cataluña. Strictly speaking, Catalán purists insist ali-oli is nothing but crushed garlic mulled together with olive oil with a mortar and pestle, as it was in the First Century during the time of Pliny the Elder who served as Roman Procurator in Tarragona.

But as it spread across the nation a more moderate sauce was created by tempering the garlic mixture with egg yolk so that it becomes, in effect, a garlic mayonnaise.

Chef Berastegui has chosen to blend olive (26%) and sunflower oils, garlic, cider vinegar, sea salt, lemon juice and mustard to make an attractive sauce with the consistency of a mousse. The ingredients are all natural, with no additives or preservatives.

The producer is Juan Gil, owner of Santa Teresa, a small family company in the medieval walled city of Avila. He has a national reputation for making quality products.

To assure the integrity of the Santa Teresa Ali Oli, it is protected from the light and packed in convenient 125 ml TetraBrik cartons, which should be kept refrigerated until used. Just snip off the end and dispense from the container, or open the carton and serve in a shallow dish.

Perfect for grilled meats like chicken and pork, this Catalán specialty can enhance any number of meals including rice, soups, seafood, and paella.


Sunflower oil, olive oil (26%), water, egg yolk, garlic (5%), cider vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and mustard.

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