Olive Lovers Collection (SA-02)

Sample Spain's Great Olives Plus Olive Tray

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Olive Lovers Collection
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  • 4 types of olives, 1 pâté and an olive wood dish
  • Sample Spain's great olives
  • Nice gift for the olive lover
  • Comes in cloth gift bag

Over the years, we’ve tasted hundreds of olives, picking only the best to bring back from Spain. Here are the most spectacular olives we’ve discovered, along with a flavorful Arbequina olive pate and a hand-carved olive wood serving dish!

Once you taste our anchovy stuffed olives, you’ll understand why so many of our customers love them. We discovered these extra large Andalucian Manzanilla olives in Alicante, a port town on the Costa Bianca. We watched as each olive was filled with a puree of freshly cured anchovy filets - we knew we’d found the freshest, tastiest version of this Spanish delicacy.

Manzanilla olives, stuffed with fire roasted piquillo peppers, are another instant favorite. Leave behind your notions of the grocery store version of this Spanish treat: here is a handmade delicacy that you’ll never forget. Each plump olive is stuffed by hand with a slice of sweet roasted pepper from Lodosa.

Two other favorites in this set are Verdial olives, lightly cracked to absorb the flavors of the secret marinade of garlic and herbs developed just for us by our friend Antonio in Alicante, as well as mixed olives from Spain’s top olive regions: Arbequina, Empeltre, and Manzanilla varieties that add vibrant color to any tapas spread.

We added a jar of luscious Manzanilla olive pâté, a savory blend of olives with a touch of capers and anchovies. Spread it across fresh bread, or add it to a Spanish tortilla.

To help you serve in style, the collection includes an olive wood dish, with a center divot for pits! This unique bowl is made from solid olive wood, a labor of love carved by craftsmen on one of the most celebrated islands in the Mediterranean, Mallorca.

Whether you have a soft spot for olives, or are searching for a gift for someone who does, this collection is a unique way to experience the best of Spain’s olives that you can’t find anywhere else!

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: Anchovy Stuffed Olives - 5.29 oz drained weight, Gourmet Mixed Olives - 7.05 oz drained weight, Cracked Olives - 7.05 oz drained weight, Piquillo Pepper Stuffed Olives - 4.2 oz drained weight, Green Olive Pâté - 4.5 oz and Olive Wood Dish - 5.75 inches wide.

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