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XL Calasparra Paella Rice by Peregrino (RC-01)

11 lbs of Spain's Ultra-Absorbent Rice

All Natural

Price: $33.95
XL Calasparra Paella Rice by Peregrino


  • Very absorbent, good for sauces & broths
  • Organic short grain rice, D.O. Calasparra
  • Retains shape, not sticky or creamy
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Size - Family Size - 11 lbs/5 kilos (about 22.5 cups)

Here is an ample five kilo sack of Calasparra Rice to serve the needs of all rice lovers. This centuries-old strain of short-grain rice is unique due to its leisurely maturing process: it grows 30% slower than other rice types. This longer growing cycle produces rice kernels that are exceptionally dehydrated - ready to absorb even more of the tasty sauces and flavors of paella broth and other Mediterranean rices like arroz negro and arroz con pollo.

Calasparra rice is grown in the mountains of the Province of Murcia in Spain, where it enjoys pure mountain water irrigation, unlike the usual rice fields by the ocean. Each bag is individually numbered at the farm. This rice is totally free of all pesticides and herbicides, and in fact no chemicals of any kind are added during processing.



based on 8 reviews

    "Beautiful rice. It made a real difference in my Paella."
  • Remedios S. De Vera - Union, NJ  
    "I have ordered this before and it is excellent for the paella we prepare for my brother's Spanish Gastro Pub in the Philippines. Yups! This gets air cargoed to the Philippines on a regular basis."
  • Keith McDuffie - Pittsburgh, PA  
    "This is superb paella rice, but it is a wonderful all-around rice for many dishes. "
  • Carmen Cabrera - Atlanta, GA  
  • GENE JANIK - kalamazoo, MI  
    "actually haven't tried anything yet but expect all will be great."
  • Zenaida Villafania - MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ  
    "Perfect for paella!"
  • FREDERICK O - Manlius, NY  
  • David Dahlke - RENO, NV  
    "Excellent product at an attractive price."
    "Excellent...arrived in time for my paella too!"
  • Renato S. - Las Vegas, NV  
    "Excellent Paella rice. Complements abound when served to my guest during my frequent paella parties. I remind my friends that true paella is only made with this type of rice. Calasparra paella rice gives more bang for your money!"
  • David Kuhnle - Silver City, New Mexico  
    "I cannot imagine making paella without this rice. It absorbs the broth better than any other rice I have tried. It cooks quickly and has a great flavor."
  • Danielle - Countryside, Illinois  
    "Excellent quality rice, very fair price."
  • Carla - Hazleton, Pennsylvania  
    "The first time I made paella I used the rice I had handy. It turned out okay. I ordered this rice and made it for the second time. I got so many compliments on the dish. This rice makes such a difference. I also used the paellera seasoning, I think these two ingredients are a must for paella."
  • Rhonda  
    "This is the very best rice for perfect paella"
  • Matias  
    "This rice is great for paella. The large 5kg size is also the best deal."


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