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Roscón de Reyes Cake with Cream Filling (PS-03)

Classic Holiday Cake

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Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping may be required.
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Roscón de Reyes Cake with Cream Filling
Out Of Stock Email me when available


  • Traditional Three Kings Day cake
  • Sweet bread-like cake with cream filling
  • Decorated with candied fruit
  • Comes with figurine and bean
  • Arrives frozen

Roscón de Reyes is a delicious cake that families and friends in Spain look forward to sharing each year on Three Kings Day. With colorful candied fruit adorning the round pastry, it resembles the crowns of the kings it celebrates. This festive cake is a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday or enjoy a taste of Spanish tradition!

Three Kings Day is a celebration each year in early January, commemorating the arrival of the three wise men. This cake is central to the celebrations, though we enjoy it as a special treat for other winter holidays or family gatherings as well.

The tradition of this cake extends beyond its deliciousness. A small figurine of a king and a dried bean are hidden within each confection, waiting to surprise unsuspecting guests. If you’re lucky enough to find the figurine of the king, you become king of the party! Alas, if you find the bean, it becomes your turn to buy the Roscón de Reyes to celebrate the next year. Through this fun twist, the tradition continues year after year!

This particular cake is filled with a creamy filling, extra decadence that makes it all the more moist and flavorful. The cake has a slight citrusy flavor, and is more similar to brioche than cake in that it is not overly sweet, yet still rich. We ship it frozen so it stays as fresh as possible, and suggest defrosting overnight in the refrigerator.

We pack the bean and figurine separately for you do to decide whether to follow the tradition of hiding them in the cake. Please remind diners that this is a possible choking hazard and refrain from serving the cake to small children until the prizes have been found.


Dough: wheat flour, water, sugar, yeast, egg white, orange blossom water (water, flavouring, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservatives, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), margarine (vegetable fats (palm), vegetable oil (soy and sunflower), water, salt, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerydes of fatty acids, soy lecithin, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservatives: sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, antioxidants: ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherols, flavouring, colour: carotene), egg powder, improver (wheat gluten, emulsifier: mono- and diacetyltartaric esters of mono- and diglycerydes of fatty acids, colour: calcium carbonate, wheat flour, rye flour, dextrose, antioxidant: asorbic acid), salt, emulsifier: mono-and diglyreydes of fatty acids (hydrogenated palm oil), sweetener (wheat flour, sweeteners: asesulfame potassium, cyclamic acid, neohesperidine), orange and lemon flavourings. Filling (37%): creamy filling (water, hydrogenated vegetable fats, sugar, milk, proteins, stabilizers: sorbitol syrup, hidroxypropilcelulose, sodic alginate, salt, flavouring and colour: carotene Garnish: candied fruits (13%) (pumpkin (3%) (sliced squash pumpkin, glucose and fructose syrup, sugar, acidity, regulator: citric acid, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium metabisulfyte, colours: curcumine, brilliant blue FCF), orange (3%) (orange, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid), cherry (2%) (cherry, sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, acidity regulator: citric acid, colour: erythrosine)), sugar (3%), confectionary sugar (1%), toasted ground almonds (1%) and milk protein (1%). Contains milk, egg, nuts, wheat, soybeans and sulphites.

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