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Trenza Mudejar de Teruel Pastry (PS-01)

Flaky Braided Pastry Made with Butter and Chocolate

Price: $19.95 Perishable Product
Trenza Mudejar de Teruel Pastry


  • Traditional butter pastry
  • Beautiful braided shape
  • With walnuts, almonds and chocolate pieces
  • Classic pastry of Teruel
  • Wonderful as a coffee cake or dessert
  • Size - 13.7 oz/388 gr

From the ancient city of Teruel comes the famous flaky pastry - Trenza Mudejar. Fresh butter, almonds, walnuts and chocolate pieces are the reason that this delicious pastry has been a favorite for centuries. Now you can enjoy this classic pastry in your home - as a wonderful coffee cake or a delightful dessert!

Trenza means braid, referring to the overlapping pastry, and Mudejar traditionally refers to the Moorish people who remained in Spain after the Christian reconquest. Interestingly, this type of pastry probably originated in another part of Europe and was adapted by Spanish bakers, and had little to do with the Mudejar tradition.

Horno Sanz bakery in Teruel recently celebrated 50 years of offering the artisan traditional pastries and breads of their region. Founded by Antonio Sanz in 1960, it is still a family affair, baking in small batches to ensure the highest quality.


Wheat flour, butter, sugar, sunflower oil, egg, salt, cocoa powered, walnuts, almonds, dried bakers yeast, mono- and diglycerides and sodium stearoyl lactate as emulsifiers, vanilla annato extract as a coloring agent, natural flavors, ascorbic acid as an antioxidant. Contains wheat and nuts.

based on 5 reviews

  • ANTHONY Cruz - Tamarac, FL  
  • BK - lake junaluska, North Carolina  
    "Nice and flaky but not too light. Just the right amount of sweetness to serve with coffee. I could live without the chocolate chips, though. But overall a real treat."
  • Jennifer Ranger - Endicott, NY  
    "I used to buy this only at Christmas, but it's so yummy so I served it as a 4th of July breakfast treat; delicate pastry but not overly sweet"
  • JohnMichael Darcey - West Hartford, CT  
  • OLGA ivankovich - Wilmette, IL  
  • Nuria - Bronx, NY  
    "Simply incredible. One of the best desserts ever!"
    "What a treat!"

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