2 Boxes of Paellero Paella Seasoning (PA-01-2)

Made with Real Saffron

Price: $18.95
2 Boxes of Paellero Paella Seasoning


  • An easy way to achieve authentic paella
  • Enough seasoning for 5 paellas
  • Combination of traditional spices including saffron

Each Carmencita Paellero box contains five half-ounce packets of seasonings for a paella that serves six people. This product is a combination of the traditional spices used in paella preparation. And there is no scrimping with turmeric colorante; the packets include the real thing - precious saffron. The major Spanish rice companies recommend Carmencita Paellero as the way to achieve an authentic paella. It is a helpful product if you want to start with a traditional flavor base for your own paella cooking.

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