Anchovy Stuffed Olives by Ybarra (2 Jars) (OL-03B-2)

Alta Seleccion quality

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Anchovy Stuffed Olives by Ybarra (2 Jars)
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  • Delicious balance of sweet, nutty and salty
  • From Ybarra, the brand standard for commercial olives
  • Size - 2 x 4.2 oz/120 g

Ybarra combines freshly salted anchovies with top quality plump Manzanilla olives for a match made in heaven! From the famous Andalucian city of Sevilla, this family company is a synonym for quality.

Manzanillas are the tasty green olives you are served at all of the cafes and bars of Spain. Sweet and nutty with a balanced flavor, these 'Ybarra - Alta Seleccion' olives are the best Manzanillas we have ever tried.

Alta Seleccion means that they are the highest quality that Ybarra produces in terms of plumpness, flavor and size. Unlike the salty, tasteless green olives you will find in your neighborhood supermarket, these have a full taste that is light on the salt and heavy on olive flavor.

Our Ybarra Collection of Olives is produced by the eminent Hijos de Ybarra company. Originally founded in 1842 by the first Count of Ybarra, Don José María de Ybarra y Gutierrez de Coviedes, it remains in the family’s hands six generations later.

Aljarife manzanilla table olives are noted for their plumpness, size and flavor. Ybarra is known throughout Spain as the standard against which all other commercial olives are measured.

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