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2 Tins of Navajas - Gourmet Razor Clams from Chile (L-SE-01-2)

Super Tender

All Natural

Price: $16.95
2 Tins of Navajas - Gourmet Razor Clams from Chile


  • Harvested from the pure waters off the coast of Chile
  • Tender and delicious
  • Gourmet quality at a great price
  • Size - 2 x 3.2 oz/100 g tin

Navajas means razor clam in Spanish, the long thin clams with a shell that looks somewhat like the old fashioned straight razors. Inside this shell is a tender clam with a mild flavor that is a wonderful new addition to the American table.

Harvesting and preparing these clams is a complex and painstaking task. First the clams must be hand dug from the beaches of Chile. Then they are stored in vats of salt water to purge the extra sand. Finally they are carefully cooked in sea water until just the right moment - tender but not tough, flavorful without being overcooked.

Serve these delicious clams by themselves, sauteed in olive oil, or on pasta.


Razor clams, water, salt, citric acid.

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