Mexican Molcajete (L-CA-02)

For Making Salsas and Guacamole

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Mexican Molcajete
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  • Traditional Mexican mortar and pestle
  • Solid basalt lava rock
  • Rough texture perfect for grinding
  • Comes with tejolote pestle
  • Size - 7.5 inches wide

From the time of the Aztec and Maya comes the tradition of preparing foods with a molcajete and tejolote – the ancient Mesoamerican mortar and pestle. Made from a solid block of rough basalt, this molcajete has a distinctive rough surface perfect for blending salsas and guacamole, or for grinding spices. The ancient three legged design makes for a beautiful presentation.

Because the basalt rock is made of solidified lava bubbles, over time the rough grinding surface renews itself as the surface of these bubbles break. The thousands of pores also absorb flavor over time, seasoning the molcajete with the flavors of your favorite salsa or guacamole.

Molcajetes can also be heated over open flame or coals to prepare hot meals. The basalt will retain heat for up to an hour, allowing you to serve bubbling hot sauces or soups right at your table.

Wash your molcajete and tejolote by hand in hot soapy water and it will be ready to serve your next flavorful Mexican creation.

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