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Sliced Jamón Ibérico de Bellota by Peregrino (JM-52)

Acorn-fed Free-range Ham, Freshly Sliced Every Week - 3 oz

Price: $47.95 Perishable Product
Sliced Jamón Ibérico de Bellota by Peregrino


  • From acorn-fed, free-range pigs
  • True 'pata negra', the finest ham in the world
  • Thinly sliced, melts in your mouth
  • Full, unparalleled rich flavor
  • Cured for over two years
  • Size - 3 ounces

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is the world's finest ham. Free-range, acorn-fed Ibérico pigs live a life in pastoral paradise, and their hams are cured for two years in the mountains of Spain. We then slice the hams here in the U.S. so that you have the freshest, most flavorful slices for your home.

Serve your jamón at on a warm plate with crusty bread and a fine wine. You will be able to see that it is truly 'bellota' by the way the mono-unsaturated fat glistens on each slice of ham.

These slices of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota come from the ham, or back leg, of an acorn fed Ibérico pig. Indigenous black Ibérico pigs roam the ancient woodlands of southwestern Spain feasting on the sweet 'encina' acorns, along with grasses and other herbs. This combination of special animals, exercise, diet and two years of curing in the mountain air all combine to make this the finest ham in the world.

Careful curing is essential for a great ham. For two years the hams experience the changing seasons and lose over 40% of their weight as a profound chemical change transforms the pork into a complex concert of flavors. The resulting hams have an intense deep red color and a sweet, nutty flavor with very little saltiness compared to Serrano ham. The mono-unsaturated fats literally melt in your mouth, the true sign of a Bellota ham.

The acorn diet of these Ibérico pigs is what distinguishes it from normal Jamón Ibérico, which is also free-range and cured for two years, but does not have the same acorn flavored fat.


Iberico de Bellota pork, salt and seasoning (sugar, trisodium citrate, potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite). USDA inspected.

based on 32 reviews

  • Leticia Santos Martinez - LANCASTER, PA  
    "Really good."
  • Gail Streete - Memphis, TN  
    "It was a birthday gift for my husband, so this is his rating."
    "Como lo esperaba! Me hace sentir de regreso a Espana!"
  • CHRIS KOCHANSKY - Cambridge, MA  
  • Scott Leinen - OMAHA, NE  
    "all guests liked this item"
  • Anita - OYSTER BAY, NY  
    "A very special treat!"
  • Robert Mayer - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts  
  • MICHAEL Swindle - New Orleans, LA  
    "This jamon makes grown men cry!"
  • richard mamelok - PALO ALTO, CA  
    "Saltier than other iberico bollota I've had in Spain; a bit too salty for my tastes. The texture however was excellent, giving that melts in your mouth sensation"
  • David Gelfand - OAKLAND, CA  
    "Delish! Sliced a little too thick for our intended purpose (burrata salad with chiffonade of green & opal basil, balsamico condimento, EVO. Wonderful never-the-less."
  • Matt Booth - BOISE, ID  
    "The Jamon Iberico de Bellota was the highlight of the party. Melts in your mouth with a slight sweet taste. We'll order it again!"
  • Sheila Stotler - Scottsdale, AZ  
  • Jacquelyn Sweeney Ash - Amelia Courthouse, VA  
    "Wish it wasn't so good-then my grandson wouldn't continue to drive me nuts so often to order more!"
  • Luis Kolb - Fremont, California  
  • Mary Ann Lizondo - Alexandria, Virginia  
    "an amazing, although super-expensive, luxury, whether in the US or in Spain. But a little goes a long long way, and it is worth it for our guests who have never EVER tasted any ham like this before "
  • ptpapa - el dorado hills, California  
    "very good,melts in your mouth."
  • Mario Flores - Hampton cove, Alabama  
  • JDW - Mooresville, North Carolina  
    "Fabulous as always."
  • JRosado - Smithtown, New York  
  • Rey - Tampa, Florida  
    "Too salty, nothing like the one I had in Seville & Malaga. "
  • Jan Hartman - Nashville, Tennessee  
    "It's meant to have fat on it and it's sliced thin as it's not a slice of water-filled VA ham, but something with a strong taste of the acorns the pigs eat. Nevertheless, this is not a very good brand of this type of jamón. There are far better brands for this fabulous food and I don't know why our Dept. of Agriculture makes it so difficult to import Spanish meats which are clearly safe so that La Tienda could offer a wider variety."
  • KARIM LOUIS ASSOUAD - Dallas, Texas  
    "Too much fat, very salty and the cut is too slim"
  • Ben Wheeler - Brooklyn, New York  
    "The very best"
  • rob noller  
    "I found the Jamon Ibérico de Bellota very tasty, but no way worth the price that was charged. "
  • Victor Hazan  
    "Deep, bold flavor and sumptuous texture. Very rich, a little goes a long way."
  • Jason  
    "Excellent!!!! Also try some of there chorizos and Black Blood Sausages!!! Great for soups!!"
  • Bill  
    "What an incredible treat. The Jamon Iberico was a gift and the recipient said that it was even better than he remembered when he had it in Spain."
  • Fred  
    "This was the best sliced jamon I have ever tasted!"
  • Hal  
    "The jamon is wonderful. Will definitley order more as this is going quickly! Only problem was the carrier must have left the carton in direct sun because the cooling pack was quite warm and the fat had melted as one would expect. Kinda messy, but we worked around that issue!"
  • Peter Zahn  
    "This ham has a velvety mouth appeal to it. It is so soft and smooth in texture one might be fooled with their eyes closed that they are even eating meat. Absolutely no stringiness to the meat whatsoever. The taste was also quite good, I could discerne no smokey taste at all, nor was there any overpowering acorn flavor one might have expected. Likes and dislikes are a very personal thing. I also purchased the Sliced Lomo Iberico de Bellota (also reviewed) which I prefered over this choice. This Jamon Iberica is probably the finest tasting aged ham I have ever had, however the mouth appeal was just not my bag. A matter of personal choice only. Overall, this is a wonderful product that delivers as promised."
  • Ricardo  
    "But at $200.00 per pound I will do without."
  • Jamon Lover  
    "This is delicious -- and we can't get it anywhere else, so thank goodness for La Tienda!"
  • pacook  
    "Outstanding product"
  • carol  
    "was told by my son who had a business in Spain for 5 years that this was his favorite, is mine now, so creamy"
  • PF  
    "Simply the best!"
  • Ivy  
    "Rrrrrrrich, full of depth and delicious. A rrrrrrare treat! "
  • Sara  
    "This is the ham with which I fell in love in Spain. It was a rich, nutty and wonderful woodsy flavor, and unlike other cured hams is not overpoweringly salty. Until you try it you cannot appreciate how truly delicious it is. There are no domestic hams that replicate this flavor as I have tried to find one with no luck. A unique culinary experience!"


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