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Bone-In Jamón Serrano by Monte Nevado - FREE SHIPPING! (JM-49)

Premium 'Trivium' Ham, 16-18 lbs

Price: $298.95 Perishable Product
Bone-In Jamón Serrano by Monte Nevado - FREE SHIPPING!


  • Jamón Serrano, Spanish country ham
  • Bone-in ~ 16 - 18lb whole ham
  • Salt cured, ready to be sliced
  • Top quality 'Trivium', aged 15 to 20 months
  • Holder not included
  • Size - 16-18 lb / 7-8 kg

In any town, in any bar or cafe across Spain, you will find whole Serrano hams hanging above you and/or presented on holders, ready to be sliced at a moment's notice. This is possibly the most iconic Spanish food, served in thin slices and paired with good wine and crusty bread.

Monte Nevado is a family company that has cured hams in the beautiful Sierra de Guadarrama mountains near Segovia since 1898. Each ham hangs in the clean mountain air for well over a year, developing a full, intense flavor.

Jamón Serrano literally means 'mountain ham' and Monte Nevado is a member of the Consorcium of Jamón Serrano, which guarantees the quality of each ham. These hams are packed in salt for a few weeks, cleaned, and then hung to dry for as long as 20 months. In the process 20 to 30% of the the fat drips away, enveloping the jamón in concentrated ham flavor.

Each ham is manually inspected and only then declared ready for the table. Mount your Jamón Serrano securely in a holder and slice thin pieces for family or friends. It is sure to be the centerpiece of any gathering!


Ham, Salt, Sugar, Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate. USDA inspected.

based on 11 reviews

  • William Kroll - Medina, MN  
  • Richard Tripp - El Paso, TX  
  • MICHAEL Donnelly - Worth, TX  
    "The Jamón is very tasteful and a great value. It arrived on the scheduled date with no problems. We would not have known about the special without the e-mail notification we are signed up for. Hats off to La Tienda."
  • yvonne Andreani - Bartlett, NH  
    "Having grown up in Spain and loving the Spanish cuisine I have to say that the Jamon is absolutely delicious, excellent quality."
  • Jackie - Raleigh, NC  
    "Excellent, mouth-watering Serrano Jamon!!!"
  • Daniel - Augusta, GA  
    " The cure was as expected for a 1-year cure - I did not get "jerky" like one reviewer. Firm, well-marbled and flavorful. If you're not familiar with Spanish hams - think prosciutto, but with less salt and more flavor. Arrived promptly and shipping cost was reasonable. A good Jamon Serrano for the price."
  • Michel Lausi - Ridgeway, SC  
  • christopher vader - Palm Springs, CA  
  • Craig - Powhatan, Virginia  
    "Muy bien, estamos muy contentos con el jamon. Rico y lleno de sabor, muchas gracias."
  • Jaime - Melrose Park, Illinois  
  • Ricardo  
    "Over the years we have ordered several of the entry-level hams from La Tienda. This was the first Monte Nevado ham we purchased and we found it to be too cured and it continued to dry up over the Christmas holiday. We had to rush to eat it and the remaining slices now serve as a "jerky" of sorts that the kids can grab and gnaw on when they get home from school."
  • jose dante gimenez  
    "hola hermosos jamones y muy sabrosos , me padre sabia hacer jamones caseros el era de soria espana saludos desde ARGENTINA jose dante gimenez "


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