3 Packages of Sliced Jamón Serrano by Peregrino (JM-01-3)

Imported Serrano Ham, Freshly Sliced Daily

Price: $55.95 Perishable Product
3 Packages of Sliced Jamón Serrano by Peregrino


  • Freshly sliced daily at our facilities
  • Reserva quality Serrano ham
  • Aged 12-18 months
  • Cured in Spain, USDA Inspected
  • Size - 3 x 6 oz

This truly is an example of offering Spain's best. There is no other sliced jamón Serrano in America which approaches our level of freshness and quality. Serve these delectable slices with fresh bread and aged cheese, or add to your favorite recipe.

We carefully select reserva quality jamón Serrano for slicing: a lean ham with a rich nutty flavor, cured in the mountains for over 18 months. Then we slowly slice each ham to the ideal size and thinness and pack it by hand.

We slice our hams daily at our own facilities. This makes a big difference in quality. By slicing our hams locally, rather than months earlier in Spain, we assure that the slices remain fresh and flavorful. Once packaged, we apply our house Peregrino label - a symbol of its gourmet quality presentation.

Time for serving tapas or hors d’oeuvres? Just peel off the slices you want, arrange them on a plate accompanied by slices of Manchego or Idiazabal aged cheese.

Nutritional Information

Serving size, 1oz. (28g) Servings per container, 6. Calories 280, calories from fat 30. Total fat 3.5g (6%), saturated fat 1g (6%), cholesterol 30mg (10%), Sodium 310mg (13%), total carbs 0g (0%), protein 9g. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

based on 20 reviews

  • Francisco Manue SABUCO - Odessa, TX  
  • David Hogan - Arlington, VA  
  • Josef Perry - Cheyenne, WY  
    "Just like the Jamon I ate in Spain...Just missing my family."
  • Scott Leinen - OMAHA, NE  
    "all guests liked this item"
  • debra ortiz - cocoa beach, FL  
    "Excellent quality! Best we've found in the U.S.!"
  • rachel sumrell - kill devil hills, NC  
    "on time, chilled and delicioso!!!!"
  • Patricia Hansen - Fairfield, CT  
  • Janice Perez - Alachua  
    "Quality is excellent, if it had papers between each layer you could peel it off without it tearing into small pieces."
  • Jen M - Sherman Oaks, CA  
    "great jamon and a good price"
  • F. Martin - BOCA RATON  
    "I would you to know that the quality of the "Sliced Jamon Serrano by Peregrino" I ordered is excellent. However, I found it very difficult to separate the ham slices from each other even though I left the package out of the refrigerator some time before I opened it. If you permit me to make a suggestion, the slices would be easier to separate if they were layered with some material (paper) in between them. Thank you"
  • Richard Yurko - Tryon, NC  
    "Good but not as special as we had in Barcelona recently."
    " I found the Serrano Ham to be excellent."
    "Best ham in the world."
  • Marc Kravitz - Aliso Viejo, CA  
  • Jesse Ramirez - Tacoma, WA  
  • Anthony Marti - Melbourne, Florida  
  • Joe - Columbus, Ohio  
    "A real taste treat as a fine Serrano ham should be."
  • carmen boyd - panama city beach, Florida  
    "this last ones were very good, the ones before had to call. two of the packs all fat and they replace"
  • Jim - Seattle , Washington  
    "Disappointed with the consistency. 2 packages were delicious, 1 package was sliced crazy thick and like eating shoe leather."
  • Lillian Slovic - Richland, Washington  
    "These were packages of chips of Serrano ham. There were no slices. And, I could barely separate one chip from another. They were a mess. I have ordered many times from La Tienda and this is the first time that I was disappointed. Tim Harris, La Tienda CEO: I am sorry to hear that! We will of course replace or refund your order. We recently opened our own USDA inspected slicing facility and I guess there is more training to do! We have inspected all of the packages and removed any from sale that did not meet our standard. Thank you for bringing this to our attention."
  • Keri Carlson  
    "Very disappointed :( I have purchased Jamon Serrano from La Tienda in the past and remember it being such a delicacy. Decided to buy this expensive 3 pack to have tapas for Christmas but cracked open 1 package now as a treat. We could not believe the lack of quality compared to other jamon we have had. This was not paper thin as described. It was also rubbery, chewy and lacking flavor. Not sure if you can get a 'bad pack' but if the other 2 are like this I would never buy again."
  • Javier de Viaje  
    "Excellent Jamon Serrano. As spanish native in the US for several years I was missing the flavors of home. After this very positive experience, next on my list are the sobrasada and the morcilla de Burgos. And who knows some Bellota Ham for Xmas. Thanks for bringing to me the taste of home!!!"
  • Carl  
    "As good as I have ever tasted. I loved it and will be ordering more in the future."
  • Albert vargas  
    "The Jamon arrived nice and chilled. We left one package out to get to room temperature. we enjoyed it with Castlevetrano olives and Manchego cheese. What a treat ! Pata Negra is next !!"
  • Bryant Rogers  
    "This is the taste I have been missing since I left Spain last September. It is fortunate for me that I have found a source for Jamon serrano close to home."
  • maria muentes  
    "Too Salty, usually the Ham is excellent. What happened?"


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